Below is a checklist for major contributors.
If you cannot edit this page and consider yourself a major contributor deserving of special editing rights, please see the an active Bureaucrat.

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Checklist for New Tasks from updates from TWoM. Not-new content should be in Individual or Cascading Tasks. Old images that need updating or improving should be in pictures.


Dungeon Treasure 40


Dungeon Treasure 35


Dungeon Treasure 30


Dungeon Treasure 25


Dungeon Treasure 20


Fix coloring for List of Guilds Page


Ghost Ship Tips on bosses/skills/dungeon


Ghost Ship Mob Drops


Ghost Ship Mob Pages


Mobs added to table on Ghost Ship


Ghost Ship Mobs' Skills


Ghost Ship Pics


Reupload Anniversary Bag Picture (replace, rename, fix redirects)


Correct coloring or list any tables that are black and white.


Add info for Instant Dungeon mobs


Add images for Instant Dungeon mobs


Individual or singular tasks can be posted below.


Improve Welcome: Message Wall


Checklist for Large, Cascading Tasks.


Checklist for Picture Tasks. Do not include New Tasks (Priority).


Trim Magician Skills


Shaman Cloak


Pirate Coin


Eco Woopa


Aqua Shaman




Rename all pictures in Format 1.0


Checklist for Category Tasks.


Checklist for Candidates for Deletion, check the box if solved.


Checklist for Others objectives.


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