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This is the page where all the major wiki contributors with administrative abilities will be listed.


Active: You contribute regularly.
Semi-Active: You have not been online at least once, for a week.
Inactive: You have not been online at least once, for more than a month.
Retired: You have not been online at least once, for more than 4 months or have retired completely from TWoM Wiki.

Wikia Name Rank Server Status
40px-2020513.png Chopstixz Founder WADANGKA Retired
40px-4138044.png Tamao1 Bureaucrat WADANGKA Inactive
40px-4276811.png IcedWings Bureaucrat WADANGKA Inactive
40px-4864163.png ISecretNameI Bureaucrat BIGMAMA Semi-Active
40px-5004337.png PuTRiangle Bureaucrat WADANGKA Inactive
40px-4914481.png ♥DarkWind♥ Bureaucrat TURTLEZ Inactive
40px-24740253.png MimiChanX Administrator WADANGKA Semi-Active
40px-4735018.png Flying_Banana Administrator BIGMAMA Retired
40px-5264278.png Beastdude Administrator TURTLEZ Retired
40px-4961399.png KitCats Administrator TURTLEZ Retired
Wikia Name Rank Server Status
40px-7440968.png Awwzumgirl Content Moderator TURTLEZ Semi-Active
40px-7440968.png Christianno133 Content Moderator BIGMAMA Semi-Active
40px-6921604.png RibbonRose Rollback WADANGKA Inactive
40px-5802871.png Blastion Rollback TURTLEZ Inactive
40px-7784631.png Nishi7 Rollback DEVILANG Retired
40px-4865742.png SnowHo Rollback TURTLEZ Retired
40px-5690635.png AWasik18 Rollback BIGMAMA Retired
40px-5024072.png Sweet403candy Rollback DEVILANG Retired
40px-5110089.png Seancoolz Rollback WADANGKA Retired
40px-5080654.png C1annad Rollback WADANGKA Retired
40px-3466162.png Moonchick Rollback BIGMAMA Retired
40px-5030023.png IMORavenclaw Rollback CALIGO Retired
40px-5030023.png FlameSwirl Rollback TURTLEZ Retired
40px-4655885.png Brainiak00 Rollback BIGMAMA Retired

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