Awaken Kooii Doll
A kooii doll that awakens your sense, increasing damage.

Sell Price to Secret Vendors: 0 GoldGold
Sell Price at Black Trader: 4K+GoldGold

How to Obtain:
Trade Scroll-of-Arena Scroll of Arena (10) to LanosOfficerValcon.
Talk to Supply-ManagerSupply Manager and choose Reliable Adventurer (once per day)
By opening a Lv-Gift-BoxLv7 Gift Box
By opening an Event EggEvent Egg.
By opening an Event Box.
By opening a Horn of ArenaHorn of the Battlefield
Dropped by:

Increases Damage by 20% for 20 minutes.

Related Items:
Wild-boar-dollWild Boar Doll

Cool time 5 seconds. You will see the icon StrengthBoost while the effect is active. The icon will blink 5 minutes before the effect wears off.
Only the ones obtained from opening a Lv-Gift-BoxLv7 Gift Box and the ones obtained from Supply-ManagerSupply Manager are soulbound.
The ones obtained from the Lv-Gift-BoxLv7 Gift Box will not stack with the ones obtained from the Supply-ManagerSupply Manager.

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