• Me spotting Branka... I lost the close fight.
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Level: 24

Attack Style: Ranged

Aggressive: Yes

Experience Gained (At same level): 1.90%

Health: 1800

Item Drops:
GoldGold (72)
Pirate-Coin-NewPirate Coin (3) (100%)
Ancient-BoxAncient Treasure
Joma-PendantJoma's Pendant
CardPirate Card A
Pirate-HatPirate Hat
Joma-PendantPirate Necklace
Pirate RingPirate Ring
BagPotion Bag
ScrollWeapon Enchant Scroll (B Class)
ScrollArmor Enchant Scroll (B Class)
DarkPiecePet Crystal (2)

Respawn Time: 25 minutes

Found in: SweeperPirate Ship 2F: Storage Room

Related Monsters:
SweeperPirate Skeleton

Notes: Gives 25 Fame-IconFame when killed.
Pirate coins have a 100% drop rate.

Also note that this is a boss that frequently spawns and spawns in the same area so pros come to farm for easy money. Time your visits carefully.
You also need the Storage Key to enter the Storage Room, where this boss is located.

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