IMG 1090

Beholder, found in the Lighthouse Dungeon F2


Level: 18

Attack Style: Melee

Aggressive: Yes

Experience Gained (At same level): 59

Health: ~450

Item Drops:
Gold Gold (22-45)
Eye-of-Beholder Eye of Beholder
Ranger-skillbook Weakness (Volume II)
Ancient-Blood Mystic Oil
Scroll Magic Extraction Scroll (D Class)
Scroll Armor Enchant Scroll (C Class)
Scroll Weapon Enchant Scroll (C Class)
Meat-Leg Woopa Pork Meat
Minorhealingpotion Lesser Healing Potion
Minormanapotion Lesser Mana Potion
Cocktail Dongryu Juice

Found in: BeholderLighthouse Dungeon 2F

Related Monsters:
Dark Beholder Dark Beholder
Beholder Desert Beholder
Beholder Elder Beholder

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