• Sarette

    Sell Account

    August 4, 2017 by Sarette

    Impshot 3 

    Skill Drain Shot 2

    Ens 2

    No Ds4

    Price: 8.000.000 (Twom Gold) or IDR 800Rb. 

    PM for more info:

    Kakao: vanidalton 

    Best Regards,


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  • KanekoThe9th

    TWOM Discord

    July 22, 2017 by KanekoThe9th

    Hello~ Sorry if advertising is against the rules here. 

    I created a TWOM Discord~ feel free to join:

    It is still kinda new so give it a chance. Thanks if you do join! 

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  • Abc123098

    You can play TWOM on your PC now by installing RemixOS! RemixOS is basically an Android running on Marshmalow modified to work with a PC, so you'll be able to play TWOM using your Mouse and Keyboard! (Not en emulator)

    I've only tested running TWOM on RemixOS using Windows, I am not sure about Mac or Linux, you'll have to see for yourself, it should allow you to play TWOM though.


    • 2 GHz dual core processor or better
    • 2 GB system memory
    • Minimum 8 GB of free hard drive space
    • Torrent Cliemt like Deluge

    Simply download RemixOS:  and follow the instructions in the installer. If you encounter any problems, submit a request here and wait for a dev to reply. Alternativley, you can submit to the Rem…

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  • Snowy Ikai

    Today, i saw that mutliple people were behind the battlefield superviser at the castle. Most of them were under lvl 11 and one was over lvl 11. I pted with each of them, all of them accepted. Two were at lvl 5, which is the minimum level you need to be in order to participate in battle field. I am going to assume they were botting so they could get POH without doing any work, but how? Twom blocks any action macro app that you have on your device and i dont know of any android emulators that are able to run twom.  (Twom blocks emulators) 

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  • Snowy Ikai

    I apologise if this is common knowledge by now, it's just that I haven't been on lately so it's hard to keep up with all the changes Gamevil/Com2us is making to the game. Today, I just realised that the dungeon keeper and the arena guy have disappeared. Anybody know why? My concern is with the arena gone, will this mean that there wouldn't be a source of Savage boots? 

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  • Snowy Ikai

    I have an INT of between 27-29. Is this good? I see mages lower than my level dealing damage over 300 (with curse of doom) with flare(?) while I can't even reach 300 damage with curse of doom using firebolt. (skill that deals most damage). The wand that you're using also plays a role in here, I have a +7 5INT Shaman's wand if that helps.

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  • Willpower255

    Hi there,

    I see that, in IMO: TWOM, what I usually see that, there are some level 50 Rangers, but I have been wondering, if there´s level 50 Mage too? And also I have thinking what is the highest INT that mage can have now? It would be nice to see level 50 Mages, too, also level 50 Warriors, since many servers usually have level 50 Rangers, I think it may be boring, since it´s like Ranger have taken over the game, but Warrior and Mage seems weaker?

    It would be nice if someone tell me, thanks!:3

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  • Sorrowzz

    Hello friends,

    I wanted to address a very interesting aspect of this community that is obvious and mildly amusing. To put it frankly: there are only 5-10 active members adding and changing this wiki. 

    I am not calling anyone out; I just feel like it's an elephant in the room that needs to be discussed. Look at the time and effort many of these contributors of spent. Some have thousands of edits, while others optimize their pages to reflect their personality, almost as if its an integral part of their lives. They bring in a nonexistent culture to the game, sharing information and playing with others around the world in a "World of Magic." 

    Why does this need to be discussed? It's because with every game comes an inevitable culture. The cheeky …

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  • CastedIMO

    Wikia Clean Up

    March 21, 2017 by CastedIMO

    Hello fellow wikia members, I noticed that there are some items on the wikia that are out of place. I'd like to ask some of you to help out and also to refrain from posting content under misleading titles, especially images. Since the wikia allows any member to overwrite any image of a specific name, I'd like to remind you to double check before uploading it. Thank you.

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  • BerryBits

    Short Introduction

    March 20, 2017 by BerryBits

    Hello TWOM Wiki!

    I am a long-time lurker of the Wiki and I have been on/off of TWOM since 2011.  Many of my friends who used to play the game have quit a long time ago, which I thought I would've done the same, but I couldn't bring myself to quit. I'm not super active in-game due to school and my responsibilities in real life, but I will try to be active on the wiki.

    This is the first time I have contributed to the wiki and I want to help it grow by sharing my knowledge of the game. I'm also down to help organize or proof-read anything needed. 

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  • Sorrowzz

    Case Study: Pirate Coins

    February 27, 2017 by Sorrowzz

    Recently, I posted an article referencing the issues of the current World of Magic Economy ("The Problems with The World of Magic: Money Money Money"). For those who didn't read it,

    TL;DR: the economy needs to be fixed so that items are less easily manipulated and profitable. Because experienced players can influence the market to an absurd degree, new players lack accesibility. 

    I mentioned two popular items, ancient coins and pets, which have oscillated ridiculously in price over the past few years. However, I wanted to address one of the most stable items in the game: the complete opposite spectrum. 

    I am talking about pirate coins, used to craft sky castle keys and gain levels between level 11-14.

    In this particular case study, I will be a…

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  • ISecretNameI

    A Special Thanks

    December 29, 2016 by ISecretNameI

    With the new year coming up I would like to acknowledge all of those working on the wiki.

    Thank you to all of those who contribute to the wiki as it helps those who are new to IMO:TWOM or those who are seeking information. Your work helps provide knowledge to those seeking it and helps grow the game as well as its community. Keep up the great work as your work is appreciated!

    Also a big thanks to those who view the wiki as it does help grow the community of TWOM. If you would like to contribute to the wiki it's as simple as creating an account and editing a page or even sending a message to an editor. Your contribution helps a lot!

    Happy New Years and a big thanks to everyone with us on the wiki!

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  • LilArtbutt


    October 8, 2016 by LilArtbutt


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  • Awwzumgirl


    September 20, 2016 by Awwzumgirl

    Been like two months since I last posted a blog post which wasn't rlly read since the wikia is dead!(that ryhmes)

    I like how creative com2us is getting with the pets. The Sylvia and the new one are pretty alike. But it's also kind of cool since they might to another element :O

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  • Perished

    testing shit sorry


    Little Kooii New School Year Sep. 1, 2011
    Stylish Kooii New School Year Sep. 1, 2011
    Mini Pumpkin Halloween Oct. 21, 2011
    Jack O'Lantern Halloween Oct. 21, 2011
    Blushing Hen Thanksgiving Nov. 22, 2011
    Angry Turkey Thanksgiving Nov. 22, 2011
    Joyful Reindeer Christmas Dec. 21, 2011
    Rudolph Christmas Dec. 21,2011


    Young Dragon Lunar New Year Jan. 19, 2012
    Black Dragon Lunar New Year Jan. 19, 2012
    Lovely Choco Valentine's Day Feb. 14, 2012
    Choco Hero Valentine's Day Feb. 14, 2012
    Mini Mushroom Spring Break March 15, 2012
    Noble Fungus Spring Break March 15, 2012
    Innocent Rabbit TWOM's 2nd Anniversary April 12, 2012
    Red Cap TWOM's 2nd Anniversary April 12, 2012
    Mischievous Alien May Gift Box Event May 10, 2012
    X-Jet May Gift Box Event M…

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  • Rageousxx


    September 16, 2016 by Rageousxx

    so this is cool.

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  • Danktea

    about me

    September 6, 2016 by Danktea

    hello everyone i'm danktea!

    1. faction: devilang/lanos
    2. level: 26
    3. guild: beepbeep
    4. favorite monster: kooii
    5. favorite hat: raider cap
    6. favorite armor: grey boulder

    i camp bf1 with my ranger swimmy and my mage ornament. i also camp bf3 with my warrior danktea

    i actually have thousands of accounts LOL but anyway -

    i like to hang out with my friends, participate in bf (win for lanos!!), and helping others~ i've come to wiki to share my knowledge of twom, whether it be the dye colors or perhaps some camping tips :3 i was an on-and-off player since 2010, but i finally became active in 2013!

    see you around hehe 

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  • Perished

    I'm back!

    September 1, 2016 by Perished

    Great Unban! Same mantality as always.

    -hehe xD

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  • DakVellar

    rare itens

    August 31, 2016 by DakVellar

    hello guys i am darkvellar one rang on caligo/lanos i go hunt rarity iten tipe : kamakee ring one ring hp 15-25 or one belt the famous magdar belt one belt of two arm and 10hp join my wikia and go hunt away bye.

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  • Xamilanth

    Bf2 Camper (Mage)

    August 30, 2016 by Xamilanth

    As i said, im going to try to get a guide out there specifically to bf2 mages. Id love some input from other mages across servers as to what goes best with you guys.

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  • Snowy Ikai

    I haven't played twom in a while, and I just saw that the game looks really different. New graphics and animation sprites... new items, costumes... I've missed out on a lot. So uh, what are your thoughts on this? in my opinion, I hate it. It just doesn't look 'cute' or 'simple' like it used to. They're adding too much detail but it is just my opinion.

    I also realized that they made spam healing much harder to do (whyy??) and added in costumes. Ofc the costumes you need to buy platinum in order to get this feature like they did with the fairy vault pher. (does anyone even use that??) I feel like this game is getting worst and wrost and will soon die off because of a greedy company. (Gamevil)

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  • Corlindog

    Okay, so you know how sometimes you get bored of TWOM, but you can't leave the game because you love it too much???

    »Yeah Im having that problem!«


    Well, some people just quit TWOM and waste their accounts! In TurtleZ, there are so many inactive accounts raging from Levels 35-45! Many of these accounts have really strong equips, and skills!


    I get that some people really love their accounts, and they don't want to see it leave their hands! However, seriously...DON'T WASTE YOUR ACCOUNT! SELL IT TO SOMEBODY WHO IS WORTHY! SOMEONE WHO ACTUALLY KNOWS HOW TO PLAY!

    >.> Hehe sorry, I'm mad! *drinks beer*

    ANYWAYS, Thanks for lis…

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  • LDmg

    Wiki is DEAD.

    August 11, 2016 by LDmg

    Is it just me or is wiki dead? Feels sad to look back and see that something that used to be huge fun and active is dead. Wiki was fun back in 2013-2014 and then during 2015 it started dying out.. Rip wiki?

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  • Awwzumgirl

    So there's a maint tomorrow and it was something about "costumes". My friend found pictures online and I think this is what they meant when they had the banner showing different swords and the characters attacking at different angles. Enjoy. -CREDIT TO FINITE FOR SENDING THESE PICTURES-

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  • Accord2

    My Name is No

    July 3, 2016 by Accord2

    I'm walking around and end up around the rebirth location. Despite my many red-named healing experiences, one of which I documented here, I naively heal a warrior who asked to be hsed. Uh-oh.

    He goes off and attacks someone. My name turns purple. Why do I never learn?

    At least my name never turned red, so I go off and do Accord2 things. A few minutes later, I'm standing in a random spot chatting with homegirl Dfghja and some guildmates. This idiot warrior with a red name - not sure if it's the same one - comes up to me and says "hsds."

    Are you serious? Use some of your own flippin' potions 'cause I sure ain't sacrificing my safety to heal your sorry butt! And you didn't even say "please." Stop acting like you is entitled to free hsds from all…

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  • CastedIMO

    As the title states, I'm looking for some Wadangka players to help me test out some skills. If anyone is interested, please comment or message me (wikia or pm Casted, CastMe, or Algorithms in game).

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  • LilArtbutt

    I know what you gonna say "Com2us didnt make much progress this year stupid noob!!" Yeah,yeah,yeah hold your horses i know some would say thiers no BIG changes to twom thier was only small ones.i admit that com2us didnt change how we see the game only as pvp game as some could say and didn't add none of that sweet,sweet quests like any mmorpg has, but I think they did a descent amount to this year no matter how small it was. However do ignore that fact they invested more on soccer spirits then of their other games but still

    Com2us has done this year were' • added a item vault named pher • the limited mask event on Facebook [which is now over sorry to those who didn't know] • and the what can look like from the teasers has suggests are what we …

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  • LilArtbutt

    Com2us teasers

    June 25, 2016 by LilArtbutt

    Has anyone see the new teaser?!!! even though that the spelling this one is funny oh my gawd

    i hope theirs new armor In this update [on the other hand I like the new artist they got to do this teaser♥♥♥] but I like this teaser and the first one a lot I'm so excited!! But the real reason I made this post is to know what TWOM wikia community thinks about these teasers, what the teasers are showing us, and the new artist?

    ~♥~♥~♥I hope they keep this talented artist for future cover art updates ♥~♥~♥~!!!

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  • LilArtbutt

    Dice button

    June 22, 2016 by LilArtbutt

    Hello im a new newbie at this wikia but i hope to make some friends and do my first page about the anything new to TWOM and the new items that coming soon!, and the update that was notified to be coming soon by com2us! Im so excited! But anyways anyone have tried opening the pet egg from thier slot just right after they got a 98 cast from dice and then got a pet on the first try? Cause i did and it worked for me 4 times in a row you can ask any of my guild mates from my guild Oreo if this is true!

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  • GodEater12


    June 10, 2016 by GodEater12

    This is our another guild of AKATSUUKI

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  • GodEater12


    June 8, 2016 by GodEater12


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  • GodEater12


    June 8, 2016 by GodEater12

    We are player from INDONESIA. We never give up. We always together. WE ARE FAMILY... :)


    OBITO 30 Ranger Guild Master

    K0NAN 36 Ranger Co-GM
    Warrior Co-GM

    Kizame 31 Warrior Co-GM
    RaveyZero 29 Warrior Co-GM
    Anka10 29 Ranger Member
    Maknae 20 Warrior Member
    Snype 20 Ranger Member
    Aryu 24 Mage Member
    xViic 38 Mage Member
    Madara14 29 Mage Member
    Kenshin21 19 Warrior Member
    Reynandoko 23 Warrior Member
    C4 28 Ranger Member
    Reynalove 30 Ranger Member
    Sterio  27 Ranger Member



    - K0NAN (Ranger)

    - destroyer3 (Ranger)

    - Shintharo


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  • Accord2

    Two blog posts in one day? What? I know. This must be record-setting!

    I just realized this after partying with a less-than-ideal warrior partner, and I wanted to get it out there before I inevitably forget about it.

    Being a mage is like being a prostitute.

    Seriously. A prostitute sells her (or his...) body, and a mage sells her/her magical powers. Sometimes the customers are nice: warriors who are super nice and forgive you even if you accidentally let them die. Not gonna lie, I've had some pretty nice sugar daddy warriors too. Other times, they're not that desirable, but you still party with then anyway 'cause you need the exp and you don't feel like training on your own.

    Anyway, I was healing and mentoring a lower-level guildmate in the Fore…

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  • Lunarmor

    It's not uncommon to find scammers in any server or specific faction. It's also not a rarity to find scammers that, despite how infamous, keep coming back to plague a server. However, it is our duty as sincere players to look out for those that may not be aware of issues such as these.

    In DeviLanos, there is a characted by the name of Plurrain who many may recognize from speeches about "Hail Plurrain." He has used, fairly unsuccessfully, the scroll scam trick of selling rc scrolls instead of ench scrolls, and he has also been known to attempt to purchase items for a couple zeroes less than the price marked.

    Recently, he admitted to several scams where he pretended to be trusted players.

    Here are some screen caps of him admitting to some of th…

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  • Accord2

    Hey, everyone! It's been a long time since I've posted. In fact, it's been nearly two years since my last blog post. At this point, most of y'all probably have no idea who I am because I've been pretty inactive for a while. On this blog, I usually just type about stuff that happen to me playing TWOM. But my topics range all over the place from wishing everyone well on holidays to small tips for TWOM.

    Today, I'd like to talk about my experience with the Black Trader.

    Unlike most people posting their items for sale on the Black Trader, I don't sell things to make big bucks. I always check my prices at one of the Secret Vendors to see how much they would pay me, and then I list my item a little bit above that in the BT to cover the fee thing an…

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  • Kliannah Chan


    May 26, 2016 by Kliannah Chan

    Hello people, it's been a while! As you see, the reason why I quit TWOM is because of identity theft ingame. I saw that someone has redirected my guide to some page (see it's history). I just want to inform you that this is my only account. I appreciate all edits on my guide but I have no idea what Kliannah's Guide for mobbing pros is. Please tell me if anyone is using my name, both ingame or in wikia, thank you so much!

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  • Lunarmor

    When I first joined the IMO World several years ago, there was little people said about base stats. Up until just these past few months, I had never even considered going through the effort to change my mage's stats.

    As of a couple months ago, my stats were as follows:
    STR 12
    INT 12
    DEX 12
    CON 12
    WIS 13

    Thanks to the lovely Halsey of DeviLanos, I was gifted with four intelligence elixirs to realign my stats to a more practical set up (in exchange for some piloting).

    As of just over a month ago, my current base stats:
    STR 11
    INT 16
    DEX 12
    CON 10
    WIS 12

    Obviously, the loss of con is really the only thing I have noticed, and I would much rather points to have been taken from dex. On the other hand, I am still working on rebuilding and regaining some other,…

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  • Cerx

    Hey everyone, as you may already know i am currently working on collecting all the missing data of hp and respawn timers of all the monsters that are missing those. I currently found out the hp of Boatswain Branka for example which is 1800+- 50 but i was unable to add this data because the article is locked. If someone can help me comment please :)

    Greetings Cerx

    And here is also an updated version of the list of missing hp and respawn timers:

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  • Cerx

    Missing Timers and HP

    March 29, 2016 by Cerx

    Hey guys,

    I am pretty sure everyone here once saw an article with missing information about the hp or the respawn time of certain monsters. I took the time to collect all the names of monster who have missing informations. If you are ever bored and dont know what to do maybe you can help and complete all the information. Please add any monster i have forgotten in the comments also add the hp or respawntime if you already know them or found them out. ~ Cerx

    Here is the list:

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  • Cerx

    Adding Pictures to Items

    March 29, 2016 by Cerx

    Hello everyone,

    I want to upload more pictures to certain Items. But only for some there is the option to add pictures, example: "Sturdy Leather Gloves" you can easily add pictures. For items like the "Platinum Reaper" on the other hand, you can only replace  pictures, but you cant add any new ones for a slideshow.

    If someone can help me please massage me. 

    ~ Cerx

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  • CastedIMO

    Rev0 has Fallen

    March 22, 2016 by CastedIMO

    Earlier today, the lanos faction's anti guilds (guilds that oppose Rev0lution) have taken yet another Darlene and Rev0lution is on the verge of disbanding. After talking with ruthlesss, I have found that Keperbipy scammed a few of Mirato's alternative accounts and that some members, himself included, are contemplating quiting. This means that the server is likely to plunge into chaos with the lack of a Siras superpower, since not only do the Lanos have more than half of the leaderboard, with their only competitor at a loss, there will not be much to oppose them. This being the case, I urge both those already in Wadangka Siras and those who aren't to do what they can to prevent a new tyrannical guild like Rev0lution to be formed in Lanos. T…

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  • CastedIMO

    Advice on Guildmark

    March 19, 2016 by CastedIMO

    Alright, so I took some time to attempt making a Guildmark. This is what I have so far and I'm seeking the advice of our talented wikia artists. I'm trying to have this resemble Ice Lance as much as possible. If there are suggestions anyone could make, please do so. Thanks in advance.

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  • Courteous

    idk ahah, i just joined recently, and i still can't decide on a server.. :c

    i'd like to join a server with nice, friendly people and guilds, and reasonable market prices.

    if you guys have any suggestions, it'd  be greatly appreciated! c:

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  • InaBigFaker

    Laughing with me

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  • CastedIMO

    Guildmark Help Please

    March 2, 2016 by CastedIMO

    Attention fellow wikia member, I need the assistance of an artist. Although I have no reward to offer, I'd like to ask a favor, that is, if anyone can help me make a guildmark for my guild. I'd like to use either the Freezing Trap icon or the Ice Lance one if possible. If you would kindly message me or pm me in-game (Casted in Wadangka Siras) that would be great. Thank you in advance for your support.

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  • ISecretNameI

    Experimental Pages

    February 28, 2016 by ISecretNameI

    As of 20:46, February 28, 2016 (UTC), all article pages used as experimental pages will be deleted and terminated of use.

    It has come to the attention that experimental pages have become used for an increase in edit counts and to acquire badges.

    When the first experimental page was made, it was to test the use of new codes added to the core of the IMO:TWOM wikia but now it has gotten out of hand.

    The following pages have been deleted:

    • ♡☆Awwzumgirl's Experiment Page☆♡
    • ♥︎ Kliannah's Experimenting Page ♥︎
    • ✿Kliannah's Experimenting Page ✿
    • ISecretNamel's Experimenting Page
    • DarkWind's Experimenting Page
    • Ribbon's Experiment Page

    The coding regarding these pages may be found at the following locations:

    • ♡☆Awwzumgirl's Experiment Page☆♡ - Deleted
    • ♥︎ Kliannah's …
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  • XSharkx

    Trading +1m caligo gold to bgm gold pm bgm : xShark

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  • CastedIMO

    Warriors for Sale

    February 11, 2016 by CastedIMO

    I happen to be getting rid of my extra accounts that I've bought along the way. All of them happen to be warriors... (there's a lvl26 mage on one but that's irrelevant) I also have one that I'm locked out of (curse you device security). Without further ado, I shall post them here (All on Wadangka siras) and anyone may offer by pming me.

    Lvl 35 Warrior (akop) str warr which is 333 (sold)

    Lvl24 Warrior (TitaniumX) 332 str warr and comes with Lvl26 mage (DeathCastX)

    Once again, I bought the accounts and am original owner to neither of the two. Feel free to send your likely unwanted hate or criticizm to the old owners (of whom I don't know) and am in no way affiliated with them, therefore I am in no way accountable for their course of action (ahe…

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  • CastedIMO

    Wadangka Gold to Bigmama?

    February 10, 2016 by CastedIMO

    I was wondering if anyone here on the wikia knows someone who may be willing to transfer to Wadangka from Bigmama or knows someone who is willing to do gold transfers. I'm hoping to move gold to Bigmama Lanos. If anyone is interested, please leave a message or PM either Casted (Wadangka Siras) or xTyu (Bigmama Lanos). Thanks.

    Side note: I'm neither selling nor deleting Casted.

    Edit: Preferably with a better rate than 3:1... -_-

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  • CastedIMO

    TWoM Dying?

    February 6, 2016 by CastedIMO

    As extreme as my title seems, it may potentially be an issue. A few days ago, I decided to pay a visit to you guys on Wadangka and Newstar but Wadangka was half empty and Newstar is no longer the populous server it once was. What could possibly have happened? Has the community moved on? Furthermore, for less people are joining than people are leaving (especially due to the 1 acc per device limitation), is it likely for the game servers to shut down completely someday?...

    P.S. The wikia doesn't seem as active as it once was either...

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