A player wearing a Blood-Flower Stem Hat in-game.


Blood-Flower Stem Hat
The crafter mixes his blood with a blood stem, creating a mythical hat of great power.

Level Required: 22
Class Required: Warrior-ClassWarrior or Ranger-ClassRanger
Armor: 4
Critical: 2-5
Sell Price at Black Trader: 100K-2M GoldGold
Requires 20 Gemstone Gemstones to repair.
Extract Cores: ThirdCore3rd Core x 4

How to Obtain:
Trade Minister-ChanMinister Chan with Spider-SilkCrystal Spider Silk (20) and Flower-StemBlood-Flower Stem.

Related Items:
Snow-Flower-Stem-HatSnow-Flower Stem Hat

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    • How much cost +5Blood-Flower stem hat 5crit in Devi?
    • 1.5-2m. Devilang is the most pricey server in all the servers though. 
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    • When i bought mine awile back to make my stem hat (it has crit 3, kinda rare) it was around 30, 50k in gold. but now that i have come back afte...
    • ok thanks

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