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  • Bone Helmet.
  • Zilford wearing Bone Helmet with Bone Armor.
  • +5 3 str bought for 400k :3


Bone Helmet
Helmet made from the bones of a yeti. Similar to Blackjuno Helmet.

Level Required: 22
Class Required: Warrior-ClassWarrior
Armor: 5
Strength: 0-5
Sell Price at Black Trader: Str 2: 200K GoldGold
Str 3: 400K GoldGold
Str 4: 500K GoldGold
Str 5: 600K GoldGold
Price may vary depending on server.
Requires 20 Gemstone Gemstones to repair.

How to Obtain:
Trade MystalMystal with Yeti's-BoneYeti's Bone (50) and Spider-SilkCrystal Spider Silk (20).

Related Items:
BlackskullBlackjuno's Helmet

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