Requirements Edit


  1. To start the quest go to either Leaf-BoarWoody-Weedy Forest or Leaf-BoarWoody-Wordy Forest and find the boss, BULLDOZERBULLDOZER. The Bulldozer spawns in both forests so check both periodically.
  2. Kill him and if you are lucky, he will drop Bulldozer's-ToothBulldozer's Tooth. Once you have obtained it, head to Mushroom Marshland and find Collector-BulltoothCollector Bulltooth, his coordinates are (2172, 3710). Once you find him tell him you have tooth and he will give you a reward for it.

Notes: Only blue color named Caninesword Canine Tooth of Madness are worth selling or using. The blue name means that the Caninesword Canine Tooth of Madness has Strength (STR) and or Dexterity (DEX)



Canine Tooth of Madness
A sword made from the tooth of a Bulldozer.

Level Required: 9
Class Required: Warrior and Ranger
Damage: 5-15
Speed: 1.0
Strength: 0-5
Dexterity: 0-5

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