Strenght (STR)

Affects short distance attack damage.

Constitution (CON)

Affects max HP increase per level and HP recovery rate.

Dexterity (DEX)

Affects attack success rate, evasion and long distance attack damage.

Intelligence (INT)

Affects damage, success rate and duration of magic attacks.

Wisdom (WIS)

Affects max MP increase per level and MP recovery rate.

Warriors (6 points)

For warriors, it's best to invest your points in STR and CON

Magicians (12 points)

For magicians (or mages) you should invest in INT and WIS (Using some points on CON aswell as WIS is a good option)

Rangers (9 points)

For rangers, invest them into full DEX and rest CON

IMO: The World of Magic has three classes:

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