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The IMO: World of Magic Wiki is a loving community that gives respect from one to an other. We ask everyone to be respectful and care for others. May the administrators of this wiki be your role models.

World of Magic Blogs

  • Snowy Ikai

    I apologise if this is common knowledge by now, it's just that I haven't been on lately so it's hard to keep up with all the changes Gamevil/Com2us is making to the game. Today, I just realised that the dungeon keeper and the arena guy have disappeared. Anybody know why? My concern is with the aren…

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  • Snowy Ikai

    I have an INT of between 27-29. Is this good? I see mages lower than my level dealing damage over 300 (with curse of doom) with flare(?) while I can't even reach 300 damage with curse of doom using firebolt. (skill that deals most damage). The wand that you're using also plays a role in here, I hav…

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  • Willpower255

    Hi there,

    I see that, in IMO: TWOM, what I usually see that, there are some level 50 Rangers, but I have been wondering, if there´s level 50 Mage too? And also I have thinking what is the highest INT that mage can have now? It would be nice to see level 50 Mages, too, also level 50 Warriors, since many ser…

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  • Sorrowzz

    Hello friends,

    I wanted to address a very interesting aspect of this community that is obvious and mildly amusing. To put it frankly: there are only 5-10 active members adding and changing this wiki. 

    I am not calling anyone out; I just feel like it's an elephant in the room that needs to be discusse…

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  • CastedIMO

    Wikia Clean Up

    March 21, 2017 by CastedIMO

    Hello fellow wikia members, I noticed that there are some items on the wikia that are out of place. I'd like to ask some of you to help out and also to refrain from posting content under misleading titles, especially images. Since the wikia allows any member to overwrite any image of a specific nam…

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