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World of Magic Blogs

  • Erbox

    GrandArms Guild OFFICIAL

    November 24, 2017 by Erbox

    ABOUT GrandArms GUILD!

    GrandArms is one of the empire's greatest strengths on the server WADANGKA, this next to guilds like Revolution, AYO, Tristars.The GrandArms guild is new with experienced players, created to protect members of the empire siras. with the intention of helping new players.the gui…

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  • IBTrader

    Мой ник в игре - DogyStyle. Играю на TURTLEZ уже некоторое время. Честно говоря, на серве не встречал русскоговорящих, потому буду рад, если кто-либо отзовется. С чучмеками так-то скучно ))) GL HF!!!! :D

    My nickname in the game is DogyStyle. I've been playing TURTLEZ for a while. Honestly, I did no…
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  • WetWilly123


    October 16, 2017 by WetWilly123

    I'm only writing this to get a badge :) 

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  • ImoSubversion

    I have some trade requests (CALIGO SERVER!!), contact me on Caligo, Siras @ Subversion, or kakao me @twomsubversion. I also like to buy stuff cheap and resell them for more if you have unwanted junk, preferably useful junk.

    Special Cotton Cloth for 500g each (10k stacks), Magic Thread for 8k each (1…

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  • Sarette

    Sell Account

    August 4, 2017 by Sarette

    Impshot 3 

    Skill Drain Shot 2

    Ens 2

    No Ds4

    Price: 8.000.000 (Twom Gold) or IDR 800Rb. 

    PM for more info:

    Kakao: vanidalton 

    Best Regards,


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