Android 7167

Level: 34

Attack Style: Ranged

Special Skill:
Impact ShotStun
Bull Rush SkillBull Rush

Aggressive: Yes

Experience Gained (At same level): ?

Health: 15000+

Item Drops:
Ancient-Experiment-TokenAncient Experiment Token
Joma-PendantJoma's Pendant
ScrollOld Scroll
ScrollArmor Enchant Scroll (A Class)
ScrollWeapon Enchant Scroll (A Class)
WingwingbootsWingwing Boots
Magician-skillbookFirestorm (Volume I)
BagPotion Bag
DarkPiecePet Crystal (2)

Respawn Time: Regular: 5 hours & 33 minutes
Second spawn after maintenance: 5 hours & 43 minutes (+10 minute error)
Meaning that after the first DEVILANG is killed when a maintenance is over, the second DEVILANG will spawn in 5 hours & 43 minutes. The spawn time will revert back to the usual 5 hours & 33 minutes after the irregular second spawn.

Found in: MummyLighthouse Dungeon 5F

Related Monsters:

Notes: Gives 40 Fame-IconFame when killed.
DEVILANG is also one of the server names.

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