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This is a light healing that did a base heal of +45, but the deadly hit effect happened, thus the heal did 300% of the +45 heal.

Deadly Strike

Deadly Strike are like critical hits, but unlike critical hits which deal 200% damage, Deadly hits deal 300% Damage. Every Deadly Strike will regain 1 Rage Crystal.

How to get Deadly Strike

Deadly Strike can be achieved by wearing an item that grants a Deadly Strike Chance; like a Pets  or a Cloak of Will

Non damaging Deadly Strike

It is possible to get a deadly strike when using the Light healing spell,target will be healed at 300% of the base healing number; so if a +45 Heal got a deadly strike, it would heal +135 instead. It is also possible with Prayer Of Protection spell, you will get +75 off Prayer Of Protection 2 but the shield's damage absorb will not change.

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