Image Name Level Notes
Desert-Gosumi Desert Gosumi 30 -
Desert-Gosumi Sandgrave 32 Mini-Boss
Beholder Desert Beholder 32 -
Beholder Elder Beholder 34 Mini-Boss
Wild-Sandman Wild Sandman 34 -
3eyelizard 3eyelizard 36 -
3eyelizard Sususuk 36 Mini-Boss
3eyelizard Suuuk 38 Mini-Boss
Doley SHAAACK 40 Boss
TWOM Knight Imperial Knight 50 -
TWOMGuards Guard 0 -



Basically, these coordinates are places where you can stand and attack monsters, but you won't get any damage at all.

1968,649, 2400 and all the way up

PS: You have to lure first.

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