• Ding Ding :3
  • Another Ding Ding :3
Ding Ding

Level: 25

Attack Style: Ranged

Aggressive: Yes

Experience Gained (At same level): ?

Health: ?

Item Drops:
Gold Gold (79)
Bag Potion Bag
Cocktail Dongryu Juice
Bread Well-Being Herb Bread
Bandage Thick Bandage
Ancient-Box Ancient Treasure
Wooden-Shortbow Classic Bow
Mytix Wand Shaman's Wand
Rusty-Sword Viking Sword
Warrior-skillbooks Will of Elemental (Volume II)
DarkPiecePet Crystal (1)

Respawn Time: 5 minutes

Found in: IMPLighthouse Dungeon 4F: (500,2700), (630, 3300), (1000,2900), (2350,3450), (2550,1300)

Related Monsters:
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PIMP Dong Dong
PIMP Dung Dung
Elite-Imp Elite Imp
Guardian-Imp Guardian Imp
Elite-Imp Dark Imp
PIMP Magic Imp

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