Dongryu Juice
A sweet and refreshing drink.

Sell Price to Secret Vendors: 35 GoldGold

How to Obtain:
Dropped by:
Iron GolemIron Golem
Enraged TreeEnraged Tree
Man-eating MushroomMan-eating Mushroom
Young Froggy SwarmYoung Froggy Swarm
Mutated LobsterMutated Lobster
Plague ZombiePlague Zombie
Egg MonsterEgg Monster
Masked MagicianMasked Magician
Trading DonguryuDonguryu to MaloiBartender Maloi(Lanos) or Lumai Bartender Lumai(Siras) in the Village.
Buy (5) or (20) CocktailDongryu Juice from NPC Reader-HalDamas

Total MP restored: 180

Cool time 5 seconds.
You need to be standing still for it to heal you. If you move, it will cancel the healing effect and waste the supply.
You will see the icon DrinkIcon while the item is in effect.

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