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Donguri Hat

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Donguri Hat
A cute hat that resembles a Donguri monster.

Basic status of Donguri Hats

Level Required: 1
Class Required: All classes
Armor: 1
Other Stat Bonus:

Kinds of Donguri Hats

Health 10 + Health Regen 1 (Yellow)
Health 10 + Poison Resist 10 (Light Green)
Mana 10 + Mana Regen 1 (White)
Health 10 + Ice Resist 10 (Blue)
Health 10 + Fire Resist 10 (Red) (Very Very Rare)
Health 10 + Magic Resist 10 (Black) (Rare)

Buy Price from NPC: Cannot Buy at NPC.
Sell Price to Secret Vendors: 1500 gold when sold.
Sell Price at Black Trader:

How to Obtain:
Pitpat-Kooii Pitpat Kooii NPC gives it to you when you give him a complete "Card Set"

Extract: Coree1 1st Core x 2
Repair: Gemstone Gemstone x 5

Donguri Card set is composed of: 10, J, Q, K and A.

Cards can be obtained from donguri card box, which is obtained from the supply manager when you hand him one pendant of honor; once a day.(you also receive an awaken kooii doll) You can enchant this hat to make it stronger using an Enchant Scroll D.

Order of demand and rarity: Green -> Yellow -> White -> Blue -> Red -> Black (although Red is always in more demand and it generally worth more)

Prices vary depending on server.

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