• Every Color :)
  • A player wearing a donguri hat
  • Blue Donguri hat
  • Lalala
  • Yellow and white donguri hat.
  • Yellow donguri hat
  • Red Dong+Kooii=Perfection
  • I look like a candy here
  • White and Pink <3


Donguri Hat
A cute hat that resembles a Donguri monster.

Level Required: 1
Class Required: Magician-ClassRanger-ClassWarrior-Class All
Armor: 1
Other Stat Bonus:

Health 10 + Health Regen 1 (Yellow)
Health 10 + Poison Resist 10 (Light Green)
Mana 10 + Mana Regen 1 (White)
Health 10 + Ice Resist 10 (Blue)
Health 10 + Fire Resist 10 (Red) (Very Rare)
Health 10 + Magic Resist 10 (Black) (Rare)

Sell Price to Secret Vendors: 1500 Gold Gold

Sell Price at Black Trader:
Yellow 10-30K Gold Gold
Light Green: 20-40K GoldGold
White 30-50k Gold Gold
Blue: 80-100K Gold Gold
Red: 500K+ Gold Gold
Black: 100-400K Gold Gold
Prices vary depending on server.

Requires 5 Gemstone Gemstones to repair.
Extract Cores: FirstCore1st Core x 2

How to Obtain:
Pitpat-Kooii Pitpat Kooii NPC gives it to you when you complete his CardDonguri Card Set Quest


Donguri Card set is composed of:
Card Donguri Card 10
Card Donguri Card J
Card Donguri Card Q
Card Donguri Card K
Card Donguri Card A

Cards can be obtained from Gift-BoxDonguri Card Box, which is obtained from the supply manager when you hand in one pendant of honor (You may also receive an Kooii-DollAwaken Kooii Doll; this quest is available only once a day.

Order of demand and rarity (1st being least rare, 6 being most rare):

  1. Green
  2. Yellow
  3. White
  4. Blue
  5. Red
  6. Black

(Unlike Kooii-DollKooii Hat , the colour rarity Red is unconfirmed that it is more rare than the black coloured and is priced more than the black coloured)

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