Fantastic Powder
This powder is fantastic!

Etc. Items
Sell Price to Secret Vendors: 50 GoldGold
Sell Price at Black Trader: 1K-5K GoldGold

How to Obtain:
Trade Kooii-DollSleepy Kooii Doll to Juri-NoiiNoii or Juri-NoiiJuri for Fantastic-PowderFantastic Powder (1).
Obtained from opening Ancient-BoxAncient Treasure.

Trade with NPC MysticaMystica for Donguri-Leaf-HatDonguri Leaf Hat:
Donguri-LeafDonguri Leaf (50) + Fantastic-PowderFantastic Powder (3)

Trade NPC RadinRadin at WoopaWingfril Island Beach with Intensified-Woopa-ScaleIntensified Woopa Scale (50) and Fantastic-PowderFantastic Powder (3).

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