Mysterious material that could be used to repair items and for other purposes.

Etc. Items
Sell Price at Black Trader: 3K-8K GoldGold (Price varies depending on server, usually less when sold in bulk)

How to Obtain:
Starter-packGemstone Pack 100
Starter-packGemstone Pack 500
Kooii EggPet Eggs
SkyGateKeeperSky Castle (bosses and mini-bosses, not 100%)
Lucky-BoxLucky Box
Lucky-BoxHigh Lucky Box

Used in conjunction with item repair scrolls to repair broken items. Need ?? to repair Weapons/Armor. First use a repair scroll, depends on what item is broken. Then a note will pop up, "Use ?? gemstones to fix..." Yes or No. Saying yes will give your item back but it will be randomly enchanted from +1 to +6 for Weapons and +1 to +4 for Armor.

Can be stacked to 200.
Sky Castle bosses and mini - bosses only drop 1 Gemstone Gemstone.
(Green Named or black) Weapon lvl 1-9 (10 gems)
Weapon lvl 10-19 (20 gems)
Weapon lvl 20-29 (40 gems)