Green Powder
A powder eerily glowing green.

Etc. Items
Buy Price from NPC: 495 GoldGold
Sell Price to Secret Vendors: 225 GoldGold

How to Obtain:
Dropped by Flower-ElementalFlower Elemental.
Purchase from KanaKana.

You can use it at the statue outside village for teleporting to Rafril-RadinRatas/Rafril's portal or inside the entrance of the lighthouse. Also used at the last stage of the Lighthouse Quest.

Trade Supply-ManagerRalph a Quest-PaperGift Request, Damaged-PamphletDamaged Pamphlet (40), Old-FeatherOld Feather (20), and Green-PowderGreen Powder (20) to obtain Quest-PaperRalph's Confirmation Letter.

Related Items:
Fantastic-PowderBlue Powder
Crystal-DustPurple Powder

When using it at the statue, choose beach to go to WoopaWingfril Island Beach and choose place Mystic-SeedAngel's Tear to go to the lighthouse.

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