Magician Skills
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Magician Guide (by Kathleen)


  1. Get to Level 2 for free by talking to Skill Helper during Tutorial. Touch me?
  2. Train on KooiiKooii or Bramble-DonguriBramble Donguri
  3. Train on Bramble-DonguriBramble Donguri or Angry-Leaf-BoarAngry Leaf Boar and Leaf-BoarLeaf Boar
  4. Train on Swamp-MushroomSwamp Mushroom
  5. Train on Swamp-MushroomSwamp Mushroom
  6. Train on Swamp-MushroomSwamp Mushroom or Flower-ElementalFlower Elemental or Swamp-BoarSwamp Boar
  7. Train on Flower-ElementalFlower Elemental or Swamp-BoarSwamp Boar
  8. Train on Poisonous-SpiderPoisonous Spider or Poisonous-MushroomPoisonous Mushroom
  9. Train on Poisonous-MushroomPoisonous Mushroom, Cave-BatCave Bat or Red-CrabRed Crab
  10. Train on SandmanSandman
  11. Train on SandmanSandman or Continent-BoarContinent Bulldozer
  12. Train on Continent-BoarContinent Bulldozer, WoopaWoopa, RoopaRoopa or CrowCrow
  13. Train on Testing Woopa, RoopaRoopa or CrowCrow
  14. Train on Testing-WoopaTesting Woopa or CrowCrow
  15. Train on CrowCrow or RedeyesRedeye Gosumi
  16. Train on RedeyesRedeye Gosumi, BeholderBeholder or BroomBroom
  17. Train on RedeyesRedeye Gosumi, BeholderBeholder or BroomBroom
  18. Train on Mutant-GosumiMutant Gosumi, GhostGhost or Pirate-GhostPirate Ghost
  19. Train on Mutant-GosumiMutant Gosumi, GhostGhost, SnaketailLizardSnaketail Lizard or Pirate-GhostPirate Ghost
  20. Train on Mutant-GosumiMutant Gosumi, SnaketailLizardSnaketail Lizard or Dark- BeholderDark Beholder
  21. Train on Big-BoarBig Boar, Dark- BeholderDark Beholder or IMPImp
  22. Train on Big-BoarBig Boar or Blood-FlowerBloody Flower
  23. Train on Big-BoarBig Boar, Blood-FlowerBloody Flower or Blood-MindBloody Mind
  24. Train on Big-BoarBig Boar, Cactus-Bee Cactus Bee, Blood-MindBloody Mind, MummyMummy or Elite-ImpElite Imp
  25. Train on Cactus-Bee Cactus Bee, MummyMummy or Elite-ImpElite Imp
  26. Train on Cactus-Bee Cactus Bee or Elite-ImpElite Imp
  27. Train on Cactus-Bee Cactus Bee or Arid-DonguriSand Donguri
  28. Train on Cactus-Bee Cactus Bee or Arid-DonguriSand Donguri
  29. Train on Arid-DonguriSand Donguri or DoleyDoley
  30. Train on Arid-DonguriSand Donguri or DoleyDoley
  31. Train on Arid-DonguriSand Donguri, DoleyDoley or Desert-AmbushDesert Ambush
  32. Train on DoleyDoley or Desert-AmbushDesert Ambush
  33. Train on DoleyDoley or Desert-AmbushDesert Ambush
  34. Train on Desert-AmbushDesert Ambush or ShadowShadow
  35. Train on Desert-AmbushDesert Ambush or ShadowShadow
  36. Train on Shadow Shadow or Mummy Wanderer
  37. Train on Shadow Shadow or Mummy Wanderer or SandeaterSandeater
  38. Train on Mummy Wanderer or Sandeater Sandeater
  39. Train on Mummy Wanderer or Sandeater Sandeater
  40. Train onSandeater Sandeater
  41. Train onDarknessDarknessPlague ZombiePlague Zombie
  42. Train onProtectorProtector or Egg Monster Egg Monster
  43. Train onGuardianGuardian or BansheeBanshee
  44. Train on Masked MagicianMasked Magician

It is possible to train to a higher level on many of the level 40+ monsters, but it takes much longer as you go along.

***Some people try to use Ancient Coins to level up when they reach lvl 40+ however that cost a lot of money and you gain very little experience***

Skill DistributionEdit

As a mage, you should plan to be a tactical, but effective character. You should have skills that are both strong, and helpful. Skill distribution plays an important role on how fast and effectively you will survive and level up.

  1. Flame Shock I - The most important and primary skill for a mage in terms of power
  2. Flame Shock II
  3. Flame Shock III
  4. (none; save skill point)
  5. Light Healing I and II - In my opinion, the most helpful healing skill in the game. Heals you and teamates
  6. Light Healing III
  7. (save skill point)
  8. (save skill point)
  9. (save skill point)
  10. Firebolt I - an ultimately stronger version of "Flame Shock" in higher levels

11a. Ice Prison I and II - great for future farming and hence mages have low health, great for fleeing

  • wiki in progress*


You should know the game well enough to choose the correct monsters to kill now. If not or for reference, the list below can help you in your training.

  • Or if you don't prefer to level up by yourself you can join a party with a level 22-35 warrior and just heal him/her as they kill monsters
  • I suggest at lvl 17 you find a warrior and join him/her as they level up in the Desert.


The way i like to skill my mage might be different but i find it more useful for solo playing:

LV 01: -None- (no skill point or skill)

LV 02: Flame Shock I

LV 03: Flame Shock II

LV 04: Flame Shock III

LV 05: Light Healing I

LV 06: Light Healing II

LV 07: Light Healing III

LV 08: Shield I (I like to save it though till LV 09 since Shield I just burn MP for to less Shield)

LV 09: Shield II

LV 10: Firebolt I

LV 11: Firebolt II (about 30,000 gold at bt or you can farm mutant woopa and/or chief wooparoopa)

LV 12: Firebolt III (or Shield III, if you want to obtain Firebolt III by playing Battlefield)

LV 13: Shield III

LV 14: Teleport I (just take Volume I, the higher Volumes are useless)

LV 15: Carnivalize I

LV 16: Carnivalize II

LV 17: Carnivalize III (Note: I reskill and drop at that point Flame Shock I-III for Flare I-III if i got Flare II)

LV 18: -save Skill Point-

LV 19: -save Skill Point-

LV 20: Curse of Doom I, Prayer of Protection I, Ice Lance I (Ice Lance is a skill you can double cast)

LV 21: Prayer of Protection II (or another Volume II skill or Flame of Kataru I for farming)

LV 22: Curse of Doom II or Flame of Kataru I

LV 23: Ice Lance II or Flame of Kataru I

LV 24: Flame of Kataru I or Curse of Doom II or Ice Lance II

LV 25: Stun

You might wonder that i didn't used Ice Prison or Freezing Trap. I think Freezing skills are useful to freeze other Players. Since I don't kill other Players i don't need to freeze them. Later on I keep protecting Beach from PKers but for that i find Level 20+ I am doing fine with double casting Ice Lance and Stun them.

I Like to Level with Healing Warriors at Level 15+ or leveling with another mage in Party as Healer (sounds funny if you ask another Mage to heal you but it works fine try it out).

by Kathleen aka NANOsWIFE, Caligo


Aggressive/PVP setup'

Level 2: Magician-skillbookFlame Shock 1

Level 3: Magician-skillbookFlame Shock 2

Level 4: Magician-skillbookFlame Shock 3

Flame Shock

Fast cool down time, high damage until Level 11, main attack until Level 11.

Level 5: Magician-skillbookFreezing Trap 1, Magician-skillbookLight Healing 1, Magician-skillbookShield 1

Level 6: Magician-skillbookFreezing Trap 2, Magician-skillbookLight Healing 2, Magician-skillbookShield 2

Level 7: Magician-skillbookFreezing Trap 3, Magician-skillbookLight Healing 3, Magician-skillbookShield 3

Freezing Trap

Freezes enemies for up to 6 seconds. Useful for stop your enemy from attacking you or running away.

Light Healing

Needed skill. Good support for other players and self. Heal when there is hp loss.


Blocks a total of 40 damage before disappearing. Useful for extra protection and precaution.

Level 10: Magician-skillbookFirebolt 1, Magician-skillbookIce Prison 1, Magician-skillbookTeleport 1

Level 11: Mage-skillbookFirebolt 2, Mage-skillbookIce Prison 2

Level 12: Mage-skillbookFirebolt 3, Mage-skillbookIce Prison 3


Needed skill. Replaces or is addition to Flame Shock. Higher damage than Flame Shock. Highest Damage until Level 40.

Ice Prison

Only useful for freezing groups or when Freezing Trap did not work or is on cool down. Instant cast. Useful for pking in opposing village and protecting own village.


Needed skill. Very usefull for escaping, training (mostly lures) and chasing after prey. Only Volume I is needed as extra volumes are just a waste of skill points.

Level 15: Mage-skillbookFlare 1, Mage-skillbookCarnivalize 1

Level 16: Mage-skillbookFlare 2, Mage-skillbookCarnivalize 2

Level 17: Mage-skillbookFlare 3, Mage-skillbookCarnivalize 3


Instant cast. High damage. Very useful for finishing off enemies. Also allows double cast of following spell.


Useful skill for extra MP or free MP without the use of potions or drinks and also for emergencies.

Level 20: Mage-skillbookCurse of Doom (Volume I), Mage-skillbookPrayer of Protection (Volume I), Mage-skillbookFlame of Kataru 1

Level 21: Mage-skillbookCurse of Doom (Volume II), Mage-skillbookPrayer of Protection (Volume II), Mage-skillbookFlame of Kataru 2

Level 22: Mage-skillbookPrayer of Protection (Volume III) if obtainable (its not), Mage-skillbookFlame of Kataru 3 if obtainable

Curse of Doom

Instant cast. Doubles the next damage on the target. Highly recommended. Useful for killing quickly.

Prayer of Protection

Heals 15/25 and shields 25/35. Very good 'double shield' in addition to shield, useful for surviving attacks from enemies or for safety reasons.

Flame of Kataru

Instant cast. Multi-target spell, useful for pking in opposing village, protecting own village, farming and training, especially on lures.

Level 25: Mage-skillbookStun (Volume I)

Level 26: Mage-skillbookStun (Volume II)


Prevents target from using spells, attacks, movement, chat and quick-slot items.

Level 30: Mage-skillbookFirestorm (Volume I)


A useful skill in addition to and similar to Flame of Kataru. Unable to use to pk in opposing village or protecting own village. Useful for farming and training, especially on lures.

Level 35: Mage-skillbookFear (Volume I)


Very useful and necessary skill for higher levels as it makes target run in opposite direction and also unable to do any attacks and movement for a specific amount of time.

Level 40: Mage-skillbookHellfire (Volume I), Mage-skillbookNeutralize (Volume I)

Level 41: Mage-skillbookHellfire (Volume II)


Strongest damaging skill that any mage willl ever have. Very useful in dealing high damage, is a must.


Removes all of target's crystal, disabling most of their attacks.

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