A player wearing a Heavy Iron Helmet in-game.


Heavy Iron Helmet
A helmet crafted from iron. It looks similar to the Helmet Of BraveryHelmet of Bravery.

Level Required: 30
Class Required: Warrior-ClassWarrior
Armor: 7
Strength: 3-5
Sell Price at Black Trader: 30k+ Gold Gold
Requires 200 Gemstone Gemstones to repair.
Extract Cores: FourthCore 4th Core x 2

How to Obtain:
Trade 70 Iron-Ore Iron Ore and 20 Abrasive Abrasive for a Heavy Iron Helmet.

TWOMSiras For Siras : NPC Golemor Golemor crafts the Heavy Iron Helmet at the MagmaKataru Mountains.

TWOMLanos For Lanos: NPC Jamie Brainless crafts the Heavy Iron Helmet at the Arid-DonguriArid Grassland, Mercenary Camp.

Related Items:
Heavy-Iron-Boots Heavy Iron Boots

Heavyirongaunt Heavy Iron Gauntlet

Both NPCs ask for Frost-OreFrost Iron Ore, but it's an in-game typo. They require plain Iron-OreIron Ore instead.

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