• PuTRiangles helm of bravery
  • A player wearing a Helmet of Bravery in-game
  • Max stats Helmet of Bravery
  • Navins wearing a Helm in game (mostly because I forced him to)

Helmet Of Bravery

Helmet of Bravery
A helmet worn by those who are worthy.

Level Required: 34
Class Required: Warrior-ClassWarrior
Armor: 8
Strength: 4-6
Fire Resist: 4 to 9
Requires 200 Gemstone Gemstones to repair.
Extract Cores: FourthCore 4th Core x 4

How to Obtain:
Trade 100 Iron-Ore Iron Ore, 20 Abrasive Abrasive and 20 Green-Powder Enhancer for a Helmet of Bravery.

TWOMSiras For Siras : NPC Golemor Golemor crafts the Helmet of bravery at the MagmaKataru Mountains.

TWOMLanos For Lanos: NPC Jamie Brainless crafts the Helmet of Bravery at the Arid-DonguriArid Grassland, Mercenary Camp.

*Both NPCs ask for Frost Iron Ore, but it's an in-game typo, they require plain Iron-OreIron Ore instead.
It has a greenish yellowish tint which matches with the Scale-ArmorScale Armor.