Horn of Arena

Horn of the Battlefield
An instrumental horn used on the battlefield.

Etc. Items

How to Obtain:
Trade PendantPendant of Honor (3) to Small-BattlefieldBattlefield Supervisor.

Obtain ONE of the following:
Gift-BoxGift Box
PendantPendant of Honor
ScrollOld Scroll
BagPotion Bag
Enchant-ScrollEnchant Scroll - HP*
Enchant-ScrollEnchant Scroll - MP*
Enchant-ScrollEnchant Scroll - Strength*
Enchant-ScrollEnchant Scroll - Intelligence*
Enchant-ScrollEnchant Scroll - Dexterity*

Related Items:
Old-HornOld Horn

*Very rare to obtain stats enchantment scrolls.
The Small-BattlefieldBattlefield Supervisor says he will give you a Horn of Arena, but he really gives you a Horn of the Battlefield.

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