Are you unsure of what needs work here on the Wikia? Here is a list of pages that need some editing!

Urgent Editing Needed!

As you all may know, the Instant Dungeons are out! Enjoy the dungeon with your friends and discover all the new items and loot!

If you are interested, these pages need a lot of work! In addition, the links on the pages (i.e.; monsters, skills) also need information.

  • • Images
• Monster Names
• Boss Skills
• Levels
• Item Drops

Etc. Item Pages that need to be formatted

Use the Donguryu or Gift Box or Abrasive page as a reference for formatting.

These pages have correct:

How to obtain
When to use/Purpose
Related items

NOTE: Make sure in the "how to obtain" & "related items" 
      each listed thing is on its own line.

Where do I start?
    • Add images
    • Format
    • Spell check

Angel's Tear

Hallway Key

Young Fox's Tail

Yeti's Leather

Yeti's Bone

Old Feather

Edvant's Dagger

Element Crystal

Damaged Pamphlet

Dungeon Token

Last Updated: October 31, 2013

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