Ok, money is something everyone wants right? Well, most people don't know how to make money so they beg for some or just quit.

I will show you guys a quick way of making a pretty penny, without being a premium member.

Ok first of all, if you are level 1- 2 then you should kill as many kooiis as possible. Pick pretty much everything they drop which are normally robes, clovers, lollipops, and a little bit of gold. Once your bag is full or you have collected your desired amount, go to the Secret Merchant found next to Hana ( the potion seller) a little way up and to the left of the black trader in the village. Also give the kooii dolls to Juri to get a short bow or a practice sword ,sell it at the secret merchant for about 200-250 gold.

For level 4, kill the Donguris. Their donguri berries can be made in to cocktail at the man next to the housekeeper, and can be sold for a bit at the secret merchant. They also drop frayed robes, money, and, rarely, treasure boxes.

For level 5, the leaf boars and angry leaf boars are the best for you. Their ruined leather can be made into cured leather at the leather craftsman. You need 5 ruined leathers to make 1 cured leather, and 5 cured leathers to make a pair of old leather gloves, that can be sold for 1,600g at the secret merchant. Leaf boars also drop practice swords, sparkling berries, short bows, treasure boxes, money, tail hair, and meat. The meat can be made into BBQ at the man next to the housekeeper. Sparkling berries can be traded for potions at Pafris. Now sell your new merchandise at the secret merchant. You can also collect the tail hair and trade to Amy in the top right corner of the village to obtain similar items as you would for trading in leather.

For level 6 - 7, the mushrooms and flower elementals are the way to go. The mushrooms have good drops like: dried mushrooms, treasure boxes, Wild Swing II, and money. Dried mushrooms can also be made into beer. The flower elementals drop seeds, mystic seeds, money, gift boxes, and old feathers. Seeds should be sold to the Secret Merchant but Mystic seeds can be sold for 1k each to higher levels since they are used togain access to higher numbered floors in the Lighthouse map. Old feathers can be traded to Professor Kullin in the Mushroom Marshlands to obtain most commonly recall scrolls which can be sold to the Sercet Merchant. However there is a chance of obtaining Armor Enchant Scroll D Class or Weapon Enchant Scroll D Class which can be sold on the Black Trader for quite 15 or 10k respectively. 

For levels 7+, the swamp boars make a heap of cash. They drop heavy leather, tail hair, meat, old feathers, treasure boxes, and some skill books. Now, the biggest money maker of these is the heavy leathers. 5 heavy leather can be made into leather gloves at the leather craftsman. 10 heavy leathers can be made into leather shoes. The shoes sell for 1,500g and the gloves sell for 750g. With 15 heavy leathers you've got 2,150g sitting in your hands. Now go to the secret merchant and sell your boots and gloves.

For level 12-14, you can go at the beach and kill red crab, woopas and roopas. Red Crabs and Woopas and Roopas drop pirate coin which can be traded in 800gold i think and 300exp ( just find Rafril\ Ratas).

Another trick is to buy NPC items that people need but are too lazy to get themselves from an NPC.

Buy LesserhealingpotionGreater Healing Potion At Des

5 each = 2200

20 = 8800

Sell In Black Trader = 10k +

Note: This is only a good way for money making for levels 15 and down. There are other ways, but they become more obvious along the way, I'll leave them to you to find out.

Also, to make a significant amount of money you will need some patience.

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