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  2. Item Type - Drops down to select what type of items you want.
  3. Status of the items you are selling. Double-Tap to claim the GoldGold if sold.
  4. Register Items for sale. The higher the price, the higher the commission and deposit fee you pay. Deposit fee is instantly taken, but Commission is taken out once it's sold.
  5. Item Search. Tap to type in the name of the item. Limited to one word, though.
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  7. Page Number. Similar to the search, but it brings up a numpad; Type in the page you want to jump to.
  8. The amount of GoldGold you currently have in your Inventory
  9. Close button. Self-explanatory.

Black TraderEdit

The Black Trader sells to both factions. The deposit and commission values are a bit more expensive. Deposit is what you put in with the item (the amount you pay) to put it in the black trader/trader and commission is the amount taken off the money received from selling the item. If you are buying it, nothing to worry about other than getting scammed.


The Trader only sells to your faction. Because it is one faction, it contains less items. Deposit and commission are lower here. Sometimes rare items are sold here so keep an eye on this market too!

Other FactsEdit

The formula for commission at Black Trader is:

Minimum 15g to put in market, an additional 35g (a total of 50g commission) if it is sold. This applies to items with price 0-1k.

Maximum 1500g to put in market, an additional 3500g (a total of 5k commission) if it is sold. This applies to items with price over 100k

For items in between, the formula is 1.5% to put in market, an additional 3.5% (a total of 5% commission) if it is sold.

The formula for the normal trader is 20% of the black trader.

All items in market will remain in the market for 24 hours. They will expire after that and will not be shown to other players.

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