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About The World of Magic
IMO The World of Magic, a MMORPG for iPhone Gameplay Trailer

IMO The World of Magic, a MMORPG for iPhone Gameplay Trailer


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App Update

iOS Version: 2.4.1
Android Version: 2.4.1

Maze of Forest

The Maze of Forest Update is now live! Check out the details here!

Most Recent Pet
Tiny-Bouncing-BallTiny Bouncing Ball and KoolskaKoolska

A support event for beginners and returning users will be held. (Jul. 4th - Jul. 31st maintenance)
- Please visit NPC Tiro and Locke at the village for more info.

Weapon of Fantasy Event will begin! (Until Jul. 25th Maintenance)

New package items will be added!
- Phoenix's Heart Package (Phoenix's Heart x20 + Phoenix's Resurrection) for limited offer (Jul. 4th - Aug. 1st maintenance)
- 3 new Syphnel's Gem Packages
6 costumes of the previous package can be purchased individually at Costume Shop - Back Decoration Tab.
- Serain's Sapphire Box
Serain's Sapphire with "Fairy's Agility" property will be added.
"Fairy's Agility"1: Increases the Critical by 1 and the Moving Speed by 5.
The "Fairy's Agility" property can only be applied in the Guild battle areas during the Guild battle.

Weekend EXP Event will be held.
- 10% EXP buff will be applied during the weekends (Jul. 6th - Jul. 28th)
- Applied Times (PDT): 8am - 9am/ 2pm - 3pm / 5pm - 6pm / 8pm - 9pm / 11pm - 12am / 2am - 3am / 5am - 6am​

Hair Styler B and Hair Styler C will be sold at the Premium Shop. (Until Jul. 25th maintenance)

Guild Battle Season 1 will begin. For more details click here
A Guild Battle open special event will be held. (Jul. 4th - Jul. 18th maintenance)
- Please visit Drais at the village for more info.
- Golden Snowballs will also appear in the Crown Rock during the event!

The Windstorm Battlefield Improvements! For more details click here.

The 2x the Battlefield reward event has ended. The sale for Hair Styler H has ended.

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