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Armor --- Weapons --- Hats --- Shoes --- Gloves --- Shields --- Belts --- Cloaks --- Necklaces --- Rings --- Pets
Welcome to the IMO: The World of Magic Wiki! The wiki has been containing 2,572 articles, and 6,964 files since the wiki has been founded! So please, don't be shy to edit pages! Please also see the IMO: The World of Magic Wiki:Policies and the Help page and don't forget to have fun!
Welcome to the Wiki!
Welcome to The World of Magic Wiki! If you love to play this app, this is a chance to spread your information about it! Edit pages, add your favorite and in-game pictures and so much more! Become apart of the IMO:TWOM Wiki community and share your knowledge, meet new people, and learn new tricks! Here, we will try to keep everything up to date including new pages and updates about the game!
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Contribute to The World of Magic Wiki!
We are currently housing 2,572 articles, and 6,964 files.

We need you to help us expand and add articles to this wiki!
For starters, please sign up to create an account, or log in if you already have one.

If you're new to Wikia, please use the above links to get started. If you already have editing experience, and you would like to create a new article, use the box below to create it!

About The World of Magic
IMO The World of Magic, a MMORPG for iPhone Gameplay Trailer00:52

IMO The World of Magic, a MMORPG for iPhone Gameplay Trailer


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App Update

iOS Version: 2.0.0
Android Version: 2.0.0

Maze of Forest

The Maze of Forest Update is now live! Check out the details here!

Most Recent Pet
File:Kumi.png Kumi and File:Kunellia.png Kunellia.

New Caligo the Dragon

Enter the Fallen Temple to fight against Caligo who uses lightning magic.

New Winter Event (Dec. 11th - Next Maintenance)

Visit NPC Felen in the village for more info.

New Costume Box

Go to the Costume Shop to check out the new Random Costume Box B.

New Blacklist Feature

You can now add a user to the blacklist to block the user.​

The Arena and the Ancient Dungeon will be closed soon. (Available only until the end of December 2016)

You'll no longer be able to exchange rewards once it closes.
The Arena and the Ancient Dungeon will be back with improvements.

- Battlefield/Ancient Dungeon Reward x2 Event has ended.

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Visit the forums! Ask questions, get answers! Share accomplishments, share information! The forums are for anyone to use and we hope you enjoy it!

IMO Wiki Chat


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Community Corner

TWOM Board
See the community message to check Maintenance Reviews, Monthly Newsletters, and much more!

World of Magic Blogs

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