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Universal Community Portal Policies

Community Portal Rules:

  • No spamming
  • No course language or you can cover it with asterisks (*)
  • All posts on this page will be deleted after a month unless important (which I will mark as 'Sticky' and post on this page)
  • Reporting of vandalism or other forms of non-constructive edits may be posted
  • Sales/Trades will be allowed
  • <Talk Page> All edits must be marked with signature/four tildes (~ ~ ~ ~)
  • Any violation of the rules above will be dealt with accordingly, eg. deleting/blocking out post
  • By posting on the community portal, it means that you agree with the above terms

Wiki Projects

Sticky: Template:Item Update

Attention all editors! The "Template:Item" has been updated!

Instead of "When Used:", a more appropriate "Used:" has now replaced it. This makes the overall editting easier as now, Item Quest statements make more sense!

Sticky: Project Big Bang

Project Big Bang: Expansion of the whole wiki.

The wiki shall be expanded with new content of box drop events, new pets, and new items found every month!

Sticky: Info Correction

Info Correction: The correction of info on incorrect pages.