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Welcome to the tutorial on adding pages!Edit

Here you will learn how to easily add a new page! There are just a few simple steps into adding and naming your page.

What Pages Should I Add?Edit

Before you think of adding a page, check that the page content matches one of the below:

  • It is about an item that is not in the wiki (please check item spelling before you do so)
  • It is about a monster that is not in the wiki (monster names are case sensitive - remember boss names are all capital letters)
  • It is about a skill that does not have its page yet (remember to use the Skill template!)
  • It is a guide you have written (please send a message to one of the admins so we can catagorise it)

These things are definitely not to be included in your page:

  • Offensive language
  • Subjective description, anecdotes (do not include "I think", "I believe" in the page other than in guides)
  • Advertising (including trading/selling accounts)

Now you are ready to go!

Step 1Edit

  • First go to the main page (Here) and go to the right column. You will see a box named "Contribute to The World of Magic Wiki".


Step 2Edit

  • Now enter the name of your page and press "Create new article".


Step 3Edit

  • Choose the way you would like your page to be set up as. Then press "Add a page". Blank is the easiest to work with (This picture has been modified).


Step 4Edit

  • Now go ahead and write about your article! You are currently in "Visual", but you could switch to "Source" to get more advanced (Most recommended when you get used to the coding on the wiki).


Step 5Edit

  • Congratulations! You have created a page! Now just press "Publish" to publish your new article!