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BB Code (or Bulletin Board code) helps in many ways to format posts. The codes used in the wiki are HTML equivalents. Let's get started.


  • Switch to the "Source" section of the editing table.
    You will be able to copy and paste from this section of the editing table.

HTML Equivalents (Basic)Wikipedia - BB Code

HTML Equivalent Result
<b>bolded text</b> bolded text
<i>italicized text</i> italicized text
<u>underlined text</u> underlined text
<s>strikethrough text</s> strikethrough text
<a href=""></a> <a href=""></a>
<a href="">Example</a> <a href="">Example</a>
<pre>monospaced text</pre>
monospaced text
<span style="font-size:25px">Large Text</span> Large Text
<font color="#FF0000">Red Text</font>, <font color="red">Red Text</font> Red Text
<ul><li>Entry 1</li><li>Entry 2</li></ul>
  • Entry 1
  • Entry 2
<table><tr><td>table data</td></tr></table>
table data
<big>Big Font</big> Big Font

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