6 instant dungeons are now open in TWOM and each dungeon has a level requirement and slay the ferocious Dungeon Bosses!

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Remember, it's now or never!

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■ Level Requirement

  1. Monster Attack (Lv. 15 Required - Event Dungeon)
  2. Kooii Room (Lv. 15 Required - Event Dungeon)
  3. Ghost Ship (Lv. 20 Required)
  4. Forgotten Cave (Lv. 25 Required) 
  5. Silent Altar (Lv. 30 Required) 
  6. Impassable Cave (Lv. 35 Required)
  7. Desert Dungeon (Lv. 40 Required)

■ How to enter an instant dungeon 

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- There must be 4 people in a party and the leader must request to enter the dungeon (except for Kooii Room and Monster Attack which requires 2 or more players).

- Party members must not have any current requests to enter the Battlefield, Arena, or Ancient Dungeon.

- When the leader requests to enter a dungeon, all party members will use up their number of tries.

- Your team has one hour to clear the dungeon. Do your best!

- You may leave the dungeon by speaking to the
Dungeon-ExaminerDungeon Examiner.

- All dungeons and the number of tries are reset every week.

- Dungeons may be reset once per dungeon with Gemstones before the weekly reset.

- It is possible to enter a dungeon that is lower than your level, i.e.: a lvl 34 mage can go to Forgotten Cave.

■ Notes

- You lose experience if you die in one of these dungeons.

- If you are red name and you die, your red name will turn black. 

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