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Location: Chon-ChonLanos Palace / Reader-HalSiras Castle: (1307,1186)

Secret Vendor: No

Faction: Neutral

Attackable by other Faction: No

Items Sold:
Don't remove these dots.......

Image Item Level Price
Rapier Gray Rapier 30 241500 G
Blunt-Sword Short Blade 35 315000 G
Steel-Sword Steel Sword 38 399000 G
Iron-Sword Battle Sword 41 483000 G
Rusty-Sword Sabre 44 577500 G
Blade Blade 47 682500 G
Cutlass Cutlass 50 808500 G
Bone-Bow Heavy Flat Bow 30 241500 G
Light-Hunting-Bow Light Hunting Bow 35 315000 G
Great-Bow Recurve Bow 38 399000 G
Composite-Bow Ashwood Bow 41 483000 G
Worn-War-Bow Worn War Bow 44 577500 G
Composite-Bow Maple Bow 47 682500 G
Worn-War-Bow Long Battle Bow 50 808500 G
Cedar-Staff Farmer Staff 30 241500 G
Stone-Staff Ironhead Staff 35 315000 G
Battle-Staff Battle Staff 38 399000 G
Woopa-Staff Fisherman Staff 41 483000 G
Iron-Staff Iron Staff 44 577500 G
Magician-staff Handcrafted Staff 47 682500 G
Stone-Staff Quarterstaff 50 808500 G

Note: Cannot be templated.

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