Kamakee Token
A token of a kamakee.

Etc. Items

How to Obtain:
Dropped by:
White-crowWhite Crow
Trade NPC Small-SantiagonSantiagon Kamakee's BeakKamakee's Beak (10) = MeatLamb Meat (5/10) or FlowersMilk (5/10) or K-TokenKamakee Token (3).

Trade NPC Small-SantiagonSantiagon Raven-FeatherRaven Feather (5) + K-TokenKamakee Token to obtain Raven-NecklaceRaven Necklace.

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  • Santaigon Reward Rate

    2 messages
    • Okay, I always get 3 tokens on the first attempt but never seem to get one after. Is there a first time limit to this reward?
    • I think it's all random. I got two sets of 3 tokens in a row. Twice.

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