• Kooooiiisss <3
  • A player wearing a Kooii Hat in-game.


Kooii Hat
A super cute and popular hat in IMO.

Level Required: 1
Class Required: All
Armor: 1
Other Stat Bonus:
Stats vary by color of the Kooii Hat
Health Regen 1 (Pink)
Mana Regen 1 (Pink)
Health Regen 2 (Blue or Yellow)
Mana Regen 2 (Blue)
Health Regen 1 and Mana Regen 2 (Red)
Health Regen 2 and Mana Regen 1 (Red)
Health Regen 2 and Mana Regen 2 (Black)
Sell Price at Black Trader:
Pink = 100 to 200K
Yellow = 200 to 350K
Blue = 300 to 450K
Red = 500K to 1.5M
Black = 1M+
Requires 4 Gemstone Gemstones to repair.

How to Obtain:
CardKooii Card Set Quest

Collect the cards and trade the quest items to NPC Pitpat-Kooii Pitpat Kooii in the Leaf-BoarWoody-Weedy Forest/Angry-Leaf-BoarWoody-Wordy Forest.

The Kooii Card set is made up of:
CardKooii Card 10
CardKooii Card J
CardKooii Card Q
CardKooii Card K
CardKooii Card A

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