The KooiiKooii Training Ground is the first place in Inotia you will go, unless you chose to skip the tutorial, (you will still collect the skill book that you are given initially). Once you have either finished the tutorial or chosen to skip it, you will not be able to go back. The Kooii-VoucherKooii Vouchers collected at the training ground are not to be confused with a Kooii-VoucherKooii Doll, obtained by killing the Kooiis in the forest of your faction.




Image Name Zone Level Notes
YoungKooii Young Kooii Kooii Training Ground 1 -

Kooii-Training Ground NPCS:Edit

Image Name Quests Shop Vendor
Kooii-Helper Chat Helper 1 No
Kooii-Helper Hunting Helper 1 No
Kooii-Helper Skill Helper 1 No

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