Small-KulinIf at any time you delete or sell the quest papers, you'll have to restart from the beginning. Hold on to them as if your life depends on them!Poscar

  • The whole quest would take around 30 minutes, provided you have gathered/collected all the required items. You can also buy those items from Black-TraderBlack Trader instead of farming them, but the fastest would still take around 30 minutes.

Mystic-SeedVideo WalkthroughEdit

Lighthouse Walkthrough Part One: Here

Lighthouse Walkthrough Part Two: Here

Lighthouse Walkthrough Part Three: Here

Written WalkthroughEdit

Innkeeper's Request

Innkeeper's Request 2

Innkeeper's Recommendation

Kulin's Request

Kulin's Request 2

Kulin's Request 3

Kulin's Request 4

Kulin's Request 5

Kulin's Request 6


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