Lost Phantom

In this quest you are asked to find the Phantom's stolen knee cap in the Poisonous-MushroomMushroom Spore.

Where to start: First, find the Lost-PhantomLost Phantom in the Swamp-MushroomMushroom Marshland; she is situated right from Small-KulinKulin's House and slightly north on the map. (Approx coord: 2480, 2860). She will explain to you she needs your aid in returning her stolen knee cap. You will find it in the Poisonous-MushroomMushroom Spore. (It's marked on your map)

The Phantom's-KneecapPhantom's Kneecap is dropped by the White-BatWhite Bats which appear randomly throughout the cave every 5-10 minutes, so this quest might take some time.

After obtaining the Phantom's-KneecapPhantom's Kneecap, return to the Lost-PhantomLost Phantom and talk to her to trade it for an Old-HatOld Hat.

If you have two Phantom's-KneecapPhantom's Kneecaps, you can turn in one and wear the hat you get, which will allow you to turn in a second.



Old Hat
An old hat.

Level Required: 8
Class Required: Magician-Class Ranger-Class Warrior-Class All
Armor: 1
Other Stat Bonus: 1DEX/1INT/1STR


  • Level recommended is 10 or higher.
  • It is recommended you go inside the Mushroom Dungeon with a party if under level 10
  • The phantom won't talk to you about the quest if you are below level 8, but you can still obtain the Kneecap.
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