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Iron-Staff Magician

Description: A class that uses magical ranged attacks and uses magic to support other players.

Starting Stats:

Points to distribute - 12

Strength - 8

Intelligence - 12

Dexterity - 9

Constitution - 8

Wisdom - 12

Recommended Stat Distribution:

CON Magician - 18 Intelligence, 14 Constitution (better for fighting other players)

WIS Magician Magician - 18 Intelligence, 18 Wisdom (easier to train)


  • Wide range of versatile magic attacks
  • Wide range of support magic (including ability to heal and shield)
  • Wide range of impeding magic (including ability to cause immobility and stun)
  • Highest instant damage (further benefit from Deadly Attacks)
  • Able to use skills without a weapon
  • Attacks are effected less by the amount of armor your enemy has


  • Some skills require cast time
  • Most skills have cool down time
  • Becomes the hardest to train after first 20 levels
  • Low amount of HP
  • Low armor, therefore takes more damage
  • MP is used up fast
  • Good items are much more expensive compared to other classes
  • Has no passive skills
  • Bad at farming monster groups

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