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Iron-Staff Magician

Description: A ranged class that uses staffs and spells.

Starting Stats:

Points to distribute - 12

Strength - 8

Intelligence - 12

Dexterity - 9

Constitution - 8

Wisdom - 12

Recommended Point Distribution:

Constitution Magician - 18 Intelligence, 14 Constitution (Recommended)

Wisdom Magician - 18 Intelligence, 18 Wisdom


  • High amount of MP or Higher HP with balanced MP
  • Most controlling class (Ice to immobilize, Stun to paralyze, fear to impare)
  • Ability to heal self and others = great support character
  • Shield and prayer of protection adds about 50-135 HP
  • Does most damage out of 3 classes
  • Has a variety of attacks (Fire, Ice, or Magic)
  • Has the most and best skills (that's subjective)
  • Can transfer mana to others via Mana Feed
  • Only class that can use skills without a weapon.
  • Benefits most from deadly attacks


  • Very slow attacks (depends, learn Doublecasting techniques)
  • Takes the longest time to level out of all classes in terms of solo training
  • Very low amount of HP (Exception to Power Magician build)
  • Takes the most damage due to low amount of armor
  • While MP is high, Mages tend to use it up extremely fast while training as the mages are heavily depending on it. (But can use carnivalise to restore a good %, 16-28% at the cost of 20 hp, which can be healed.)
  • As there are less higher level mages within the game, it is harder to find good stat items therefore causing them to be more expensive compared to similar items of a similar level for a different class.
  • Heavily item dependant
  • Has no passive skills
  • Takes long time for mages to recharge mana if you don't have Carnivalize.

IMG 0415

IMG 1548

Example of magician weapon on BT

The reason 18/18 int/wis mage build is not reccomended any longer is because at lvls 30+ the amount of mana total is unnecessary, except to ease training by a little. At lvl 40, a mage with a 18int 14con build will have 100hp more than the build said before while only losing about 250mp, which leaves often times the mana total to around 800-900+, which is more than enough to solo train using carnivalize and greater mp potions.

18/18 mages will have 200hp and around 1k mp at around lvl 40 naked, 18/14 mages will have 300hp 850mp on average naked, that's 50% increase in hp for a 25% or so drop of mp. Massive and esspecially useful during PVP, where 1k+ mana will do nothing in storage in compared to an additional 100hp. This is why the 18int 14con mage build is recommended.

And also, training from lvls 1-21 with the 18/14 build are the only more difficult lvls to do, because at those times mana total is lower, but with a few exctaction drinks and mp pots one will find the lvling experience fast during this time. 21+ a mage can co-train with a warrior or ranger, or continue to solo. At about lvl 30 the mp total is sustainable enough with the carnivalize III skill and greater mp pots to solo train, and with a decent weapon this is the optimal route to go. With this 50% increase of HP a mage will stay alive longer, crts from monsters won't run a 18/14 mage down anymore and rangers will have to use a 7dezo bow the run a mage down instead of the 8hbow. More HP will allow a mage to survive beyond the impact shot paralyzation time, and oftentimes through the slams of warriors, giving a mage time for a second cast of doom and sometimes stun as well.

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