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Iron-Staff Magician

Description: A ranged class that uses staffs and spells.

Starting Stats:

Points to distribute - 12

Strength - 8

Intelligence - 12

Dexterity - 9

Constitution - 8

Wisdom - 12

Recommended Stat Distribution:

Balanced Magician - 18 Intelligence, 14 Constitution (Recommended)

Mana Magician - 18 Intelligence, 18 Wisdom


  • High amount of MP or Higher HP with balanced MP
  • Most controlling class (Ice to immobilize, Stun to paralyze, fear to impare)
  • Ability to heal self and others = great support character
  • Shield and prayer of protection adds about 50-135 HP
  • Does most damage out of 3 classes
  • Has a variety of attacks (Fire, Ice, or Magic)
  • Has the most and best skills (that's subjective)
  • Can transfer mana to others via Mana Feed
  • Only class that can use skills without a weapon.
  • Benefits most from deadly attacks


  • Very slow attacks (depends, learn Doublecasting techniques)
  • Takes the longest time to level out of all classes in terms of solo training
  • Very low amount of HP (Exception to Power Magician build)
  • Takes the most damage due to low amount of armor
  • While MP is high, Mages tend to use it up extremely fast while training as the mages are heavily depending on it. (But can use carnivalise to restore a good %, 16-28% at the cost of 20 hp, which can be healed.)
  • As there are less higher level mages within the game, it is harder to find good stat items therefore causing them to be more expensive compared to similar items of a similar level for a different class.
  • Heavily item dependent
  • Has no passive skills
  • Takes long time for mages to recharge mana if you don't have Carnivalize.
IMG 1548

Example of magician weapon on BT

IMG 0415

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