Example of a Magician Staff in-game. Seven INT, haha!


Magician Staff
The staff of a magician.

Level Required: 14
Class Required: Magician-ClassMagician
Damage: 4 to 20
Speed: 3.4
Mana: 0 to 8
Intelligence: 0 to 7
Sell Price at Black Trader: 40K-1M+ GoldGold
Requires 20 Gemstone Gemstones to repair.
Extract Cores: Coree22nd Core x 4

How to Obtain:
Dropped by Mutant-WoopaMutant Woopa.
Crafted using Combine-BookCombine Book I with Cedar-StaffCedar Staff, Red-CoralRed Coral, Coree22nd Core (10) and GoldGold (300).

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