Marsh Donguri
Marsh Donguri

Level: 15

Attack Style: Melee

Aggressive: Yes

Experience Gained (At same level): .80

Health: 275

Item Drops:
GoldGold (20-40)
Donguri-LeafDonguri Leaf
ScrollArmor Enchant Scroll (C Class)
CocktailPalm Cocktail
Novice-Magician-RobeExpert Magician Robe
Old-Female-RingOld Female Ring
Warrior-skillbookRage (Volume I)

Respawn Time: 2 minutes

Found in: Testing-WoopaLighthouse Dungeon 1F

Related Monsters:
Bramble-DonguriBramble Donguri
Arid-DonguriSand Donguri

Notes: There is no place to lure if you plan to level with this plant.
Good for farming together with Testing-WoopaTesting Woopas.