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Official Game EventsEdit

Summer Vacation Event

Summer Vacation Gifts: 06/?/2012
Monkey themed pets released: 06/?/2012

TWOM's 2nd Anniversary

TWOM's 2nd Anniversary Gifts: 04/12/2012 to 04/18/2012
Easter themed pets released: 04/12/2012 to ?

Spring Break Up Update

Mushroom pets released: 03/15/2012 to 04/10/2012

Valentine's Day Update

Valentine's Day themed pets released: 02/14/2012 to 02 /23 /2012

Luner New Year Event

Luner New Year themed pets released: 01/18/2012 to 02 /13 /2012

Christmas Event

Christmas themed pets released: 12/20/2011 to 01/17/2012

Thanksgiving Event

Thanksgiving themed pets released: 11/22/2011 to 12/19/2011

Halloween Event

Halloween themed pets released: 10/21/2011 to 11/21/2011

Pets Released:

Event Egg: 9/20/2011 to 10/20/2012

Event Welcome to TWOM!

Mask Event

Past event, generally held at a specific time once each month.
See the official forum for rules.

Christmas Event 2011

Special items released - Santa Hat and Santa's Cool Hat

Community Events Edit

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