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Wingfril Island

Kooii Training Ground, Woody-Weedy Forest, Woody-Wordy Forest

Image Name Zone Level Notes
YoungKooii Young Kooii Kooii Training Ground 1 -
Kooii Kooii Woody-Weedy Forest,Woody-Wordy Forest 2 -
Bramble-Donguri Bramble Donguri Woody-Weedy Forest, Woody-Wordy Forest 3 -
Leaf-Boar Leaf Boar Woody-Weedy Forest, Woody-Wordy Forest 4 -
Angry-Leaf-Boar Angry Leaf Boar Woody-Weedy Forest, Woody-Wordy Forest 4 -
Bulldozer-Jr Bulldozer Jr. Woody-Weedy Forest, Woody-Wordy Forest 5 Mini-Boss
BULLDOZER BULLDOZER Woody-Weedy Forest, Woody-Wordy Forest 7 Boss
BULLDOZER'S-BROTHER BULLDOZER'S BROTHER Woody-Weedy Forest, Woody-Wordy Forest 8 Boss

Mushroom Marshland & Mushroom Spore Cave

Image Name Zone Level Notes
Swamp-Mushroom Swamp Mushroom Mushroom Marshland 5 -
Flower-Elemental Flower Elemental Mushroom Marshland 6 -
Swamp-Boar Swamp Boar Mushroom Marshland 7 -
Swamp-Spider Swamp Spider Mushroom Marshland 8 -
Poisonous-Spider Poisonous Spider Mushroom Marshland 9 -
White-Spider White Spider Mushroom Marshland 10 Mini-Boss
FUNGUS-KING FUNGUS KING Mushroom Marshland 12 Boss
Cave-Mushroom Cave Mushroom Mushroom Spore - -
Poisonous-Mushroom Poisonous Mushroom Mushroom Spore 8 -
Mushroom-Flower Mushroom Flower Mushroom Spore 9 -
Cave-Bat Cave Bat Mushroom Spore 9 -
White-Bat White Bat Mushroom Spore 10 Mini-Boss
Poison-Fungus-King POISON FUNGUS KING Mushroom Spore 12 Boss

Wingfril Island Beach

Wingfril Island Beach & Island with the Lighthouse

Image Name Zone Level Notes
Bottle Bottle Wingfril Island Beach, Island with the Lighthouse - -
Red-Crab Red Crab Wingfril Island Beach, Island with the Lighthouse 10 -
Sandman Sandman Wingfril Island Beach 11 -
Woopa Woopa Wingfril Island Beach, Island with the Lighthouse 12 -
Roopa Roopa Wingfril Island Beach, Island with the Lighthouse 13 -
Mutant-Woopa Mutant Woopa Wingfril Island Beach, Island with the Lighthouse 13 Mini-Boss
CHIEF-WOOPAROOPA CHIEF WOOPAROOPA Wingfril Island Beach, Island with the Lighthouse 14 Boss
TURTLE-Z TURTLE Z Wingfril Island Beach 18 Boss
TURTLE-ZZZ TURTLE ZZZ Island with the Lighthouse 33 Boss

Lighthouse Dungeon

Image Name Zone Level Notes
Testing-Woopa Testing Woopa Lighthouse Dungeon 1F 15 -
Marsh-Donguri Marsh Donguri Lighthouse Dungeon 1F 15 -
Recluse RECLUSE Lighthouse Dungeon 1F 15 Boss
Underground-Spider Underground Spider Lighthouse Dungeon 1F 16 -
Skeleton Skeleton Lighthouse Dungeon 1F, 2F 17 -
MADGAR MADGAR Lighthouse Dungeon 1F 17 Quest Monster
Black-Skeleton Gray Skeleton Lighthouse Dungeon 1F 18 Mini-Boss
Black-Skeleton SMALL SKELETON Lighthouse Dungeon 1F 18 Quest Monster
Black-Skeleton BLACKSKULL Lighthouse Dungeon 1F 23 Boss
Beholder Beholder Lighthouse Dungeon 2F 18 -
Drunk-Kooii Drunken Kooii Lighthouse Dungeon 2F 19 -
Ghost Ghost Lighthouse Dungeon 2F, 3F 20 -
Sleepy-Kooii Sleepy Kooii Lighthouse Dungeon 2F 20 Mini-Boss
WHITESKULL WHITESKULL Lighthouse Dungeon 2F 20 Boss
Awaken-Kooii AWAKEN KOOII Lighthouse Dungeon 2F 26 Boss
Tailsnake Lizard Snaketail Lizard Lighthouse Dungeon 3F 21 -
Snakezard DonBurns99 SNAKEZARD Lighthouse Dungeon 3F 21 Boss
Dark Beholder Dark Beholder Lighthouse Dungeon 3F, 4F 22 -
Spector Spector Lighthouse Dungeon 3F 22 Mini-Boss
IMP Imp Lighthouse Dungeon 3F, 4F 23 -
Red-Ghost EEHEEHEE Lighthouse Dungeon 3F 29 Boss
Green-Ghost OOHEEHEEK Lighthouse Dungeon 3F 29 Boss
Oohehe OOHEHE Lighthouse Dungeon 3F 29 Boss
Blood-Flower Bloody Flower Lighthouse Dungeon 4F, 5F 24 -
Blood-Mind Bloody Mind Lighthouse Dungeon 4F, 5F 25 -
PIMP Dan Dan Lighthouse Dungeon 4F 25 Mini-Boss
PIMP Ding Ding Lighthouse Dungeon 4F 25 Mini-Boss
PIMP Dong Dong Lighthouse Dungeon 4F 25 Mini-Boss
PIMP Dung Dung Lighthouse Dungeon 4F 25 Mini-Boss
Guardian-Imp GUARDIAN IMP Lighthouse Dungeon 4F 32 Boss
Mummy Mummy Lighthouse Dungeon 5F 26 -
Elite-Imp Elite Imp Lighthouse Dungeon 5F 27 -
Mummy-Fighter Mummy Fighter Lighthouse Dungeon 5F 28 Mini-Boss
Devilang DEVILANG Lighthouse Dungeon 5F 34 Boss

Pirate Ship

Image Name Zone Level Notes
Broom Broom Pirate Ship 1F 18 -
Sweeper Sweeper Pirate Ship 1F 18 Mini-Boss, Drops Hallway Key
Treasure Chest Treasure Chest Pirate Ship 1F, 2F 19 Drops Captain's Cabin Key
Sweeper Pirate Skeleton Pirate Ship 1F, 2F 19 -
Pirate-Ghost Pirate Ghost Pirate Ship 2F 20 -
Pirate-Boss BOATSWAIN BRANKA Storage Room 24 Boss

Inotia Continent


Lanos Plains

Image Name Zone Level Notes
Continent-Boar Continent Bulldozer Lanos Plains 12 -
Continent-Boar Blaster Lanos Plains 14 Mini-Boss
Crow Crow Lanos Plains 14 -
Crow Raven Lanos Plains 16 Mini-Boss
Redeyes Redeye Gosumi Lanos Plains 16 -
Redeyes Bloody Gosumi Lanos Plains 18 Mini-Boss
White-crow WHITE CROW Lanos Plains 19 Boss
TWOM Sheep Sheep Lanos Plains 0 -

Forest with Ruins

Image Name Zone Level Notes
Mutant-Gosumi Mutant Gosumi Forest with Ruins 20 -
Mutant-Gosumi Berserk Gosumi Forest with Ruins 22 Mini-Boss
Large-Spider Large Spider Forest with Ruins 22 -
Large-Spider Spidey Forest with Ruins 24 Mini-Boss
Big-Boar Big Boar Forest with Ruins 23 -
Big-Boar Wildboar Forest with Ruins 24 Mini-Boss
Ghostsnake GHOSTSNAKE Forest with Ruins 27 Boss

Arid Grassland

Image Name Zone Level Notes
Cactus-Bee Cactus Bee Arid Grassland 30 -
Arid-Donguri Sand Donguri Arid Grassland 32 -
Cactus-Bee Bizizi Arid Grassland 32 Mini-Boss
Doley Doley Arid Grassland 34 -
Cactus-Bee Buzss Arid Grassland 34 Mini-Boss
Desert-Ambush Desert Ambush Arid Grassland 36 -
Doley Stealth Arid Grassland 36 Mini-Boss
Desert-Ambush Desert Assassin Arid Grassland 38 Mini-Boss
BSSSZSSS BSSSZSSS Arid Grassland 40 Boss


Forest of Grave

Image Name Zone Level Notes
Fox Fox Forest of Grave 12 -
MatureFox Mature Fox Forest of Grave 14 -
Fox Red Fox Forest of Grave 15 Mini-Boss
MatureFox 7tailfox Forest of Grave 16 Mini-Boss
Sunset-Flower Sunset Flower Forest of Grave 16 -
Sunset-Flower Sunrise Flower Forest of Grave 18 Mini-Boss
777-Fox 777TAILFOX Forest of Grave 20 Boss

Kataru Mountains

Image Name Zone Level Notes
Magma Magma Kataru Mountains 20 -
Magma Burning Stone Kataru Mountains 22 Mini-Boss
Fire-Bird Fire Bird Kataru Mountains 22 -
Fire-Bird Bbinikjoe Kataru Mountains 24 Mini-Boss
MagmaThief Magma Thief Kataru Mountains 24 -
SeniorThief Magma Senior Thief Kataru Mountains 26 Mini-Boss
Magief CHIEF MAGIEF Kataru Mountains 28 Boss

Desert Valley

Image Name Zone Level Notes
Desert-Gosumi Desert Gosumi Desert Valley 30 -
Desert-Gosumi Sandgrave Desert Valley 32 Mini-Boss
Beholder Desert Beholder Desert Valley 32 -
Beholder Elder Beholder Desert Valley 34 Mini-Boss
Wild-Sandman Wild Sandman Desert Valley 34 -
3eyelizard 3eyelizard Desert Valley 36 -
3eyelizard Sususuk Desert Valley 36 Mini-Boss
3eyelizard Suuk Desert Valley 38 Mini-Boss
Doley SHAAACK Desert Valley 40 Boss

Hot Sand Plains

Image Name Zone Level Notes
Shadow Shadow Hot Sand Plains 38 -
Mindscream Mind Scream Hot Sand Plains 40 Mini-Boss
Mummy Wanderer Hot Sand Plains 40 -
Mummy Lesser Madman Hot Sand Plains 42 Mini-Boss
Sandeater Sandeater Hot Sand Plains 42 -
Bigmouse Bigmouse Hot Sand Plains 44 Mini-Boss
BIGMAMA BIGMAMA Hot Sand Plains 50 Boss

Sky Castle

Ancient Palace

Image Name Zone Level Notes
Sky-Bat Sky Bat Sky Castle 26 -
Silver-Bat Silver Bat Sky Castle 29 Mini-Boss
Ipot iPot Sky Castle 27 -
Puppet Puppet Sky Castle 35 Mini-Boss
Tornado Tornado Sky Castle 28 -
Dark-Tornado Dark Tornado Sky Castle 32 Mini-Boss

Western Sky Castle

Image Name Zone Level Notes
Goblin Goblin Sky Castle 28 -
Couatl Couatl Sky Castle 29 -
Kobold Kobold Sky Castle 30 -
Goblin-Warrior Goblin Warrior Sky Castle 32 Mini-Boss
Kobold Zealot Sky Castle 34 Mini-Boss
Gnome Gnome Sky Castle 36 Mini-Boss
Tyrant Tyrant Sky Castle 38 Mini-Boss

Eastern Sky Castle

Image Name Zone Level Notes
Orb Orb Sky Castle 28 -
Storm Storm Sky Castle 29 -
Bulette Bulette Sky Castle 30 -
Tank Tank Sky Castle 33 Mini-Boss
Maelstrom Maelstrom Sky Castle 35 Mini-Boss
Swirl-Flame Swirl Flame Sky Castle 35 Mini-Boss
Twister Twister Sky Castle 36 Mini-Boss
Twister Elemental Queen Sky Castle 38 Mini-Boss

Stone Fortress

Image Name Zone Level Notes
Solid Rock Solid Rock Sky Castle 34 -
Gargoyle Gargoyle Sky Castle 35 -
Golem Golem Sky Castle 36 -
Black Gargoyle Black Gargoyle Sky Castle 37 -
OminousBird Ominous Bird Sky Castle 35 Mini-Boss
Stonestatue Stonestatue Sky Castle 38 Mini-Boss

Unknown Maze

Image Name Zone Level Notes
Aroid Aroid Sky Castle 35 -
Iron Golem Iron Golem Sky Castle 36 -
Robot Robot Sky Castle 37 -
Humanoid Humanoid Sky Castle 38 -
Landmine Landmine Sky Castle 39 Mini-Boss
Titanium Golem DonBurns99 Titanium Golem Sky Castle 44 Mini-Boss
Steampunk Steampunk Sky Castle 44 Mini-Boss

Fallen Temple

Image Name Zone Level Notes
Darkness Darkness Sky Castle 42 -
Protector Protector Sky Castle 43 -
Guardian Guardian Sky Castle 44 -
Inspector Inspector Sky Castle 45 Mini-Boss
Fear-Of-The-Darkness Fear of the Darkness Sky Castle 45+ Mini-Boss
GateKeeper Gatekeeper Sky Castle 46 Mini-Boss

Temple of Wingfril

Image Name Zone Level Notes
Crystal Stone Crystal Stone Temple of Wingfril 20 -
Yeti Yeti Temple of Wingfril 20 -
Wing-Elemental Wing Elemental Temple of Wingfril 21 -
Crysta-Spider Crystal Spider Temple of Wingfril 23 -
Yeti-Highguard Guardian Yeti Temple of Wingfril 25 -
Pengoon Young Pengoon Temple of Wingfril 24 -
BLACKJUNO BLACKJUNO Temple of Wingfril 25 Boss
Crazy-Pengoon Crazy Pengoon Temple of Wingfril 26 -
Guardian-Yeti Yeti Highguard Temple of Wingfril 27 -
Enraged-Wings Enraged Wings Temple of Wingfril 28 -
Blacksky BLACKSKY Temple of Wingfril 30 Boss
WADANGKA WADANGKA THE ELDER Temple of Wingfril 35 Boss

Ancient Dungeon

Image Name Zone Level Notes
DEATHBONE DEATHBONE Ancient Dungeon for levels 8-14 18 Boatswain Branka with a Black Pirate Hat
Bremen BREMEN Ancient Dungeon for levels 15-24 24 Brown DEVILANG
Ancient Dungeon for levels 25 and up 40 Similar to BIGMAMA

Instant Dungeon

Ghost Ship

Image Name Level Rank Skill
Blood-Bat Blood Bat 21 - -
Treasure Chest Tough Mimic 21 - -
Violent-Crew Violent Crew 22 - -
Ghost White Ghost 23 - -
Weary-Crew Weary Crew 24 - -
Enraged-Wings Bomb Wing 25 Summoned Mob Explosion
Treasure Chest Jack in the Box 26 Mini-Boss Expel
Ghost-Witch Ghost Witch 27 Mini-Boss Silence & Summon

Forgotten Cave

Image Name Zone Level Notes
Ghostsnake Poison Lizard Forgotten Cave 25 -
Big-Eyed-Soul Big Eyed Soul Forgotten Cave 26 -
Elite-Imp Dark Imp Forgotten Cave 28 -
Poison-Mummy Poison Mummy Forgotten Cave 27 -
PIMP Magic Imp Forgotten Cave 29 -
Oohehe Evil Spirit Forgotten Cave 30 Mini-Boss
Walking-Dead Walking Dead Forgotten Cave 32 Mini-Boss
Bremen MUTANTHYDRA Forgotten Cave 32 Boss

Silent Altar

Image  Name Level Rank Skill
Altar-Cleaner Altar Cleaner ? - -
Ghost Silent Ghost ? - -
Golem Rock Golem ? - -
Fluid-Form Fluid Form ? - -
Fear-Of-The-Darkness Morphling ? Mini-Boss CP Drain
Iron Golem Mystery ? Mini-Boss Armor

Impassable Cave

Image  Name Level Rank Skill
Cave-Spider Cave Spider  ? - -
Guardian-Yeti Hairy  ? - -
Yeti Cave Keeper  ? - -
Enraged-Wings Light Wing  ? - -
BLACKJUNO DARKJUNO 38 Mini-boss Frenzy
Blacksky GRAYSKY 39 Mini-boss Bleed

Desert Dungeon

Image  Name Level Rank Skill
Shadow Silhouette 41 - -
Sandeater Underground Eater 42 - -
Mummy(needs replacement) Bandageman 42 - -
Mindscream(needs replacement - blue) Reason Scream 44 Mini-boss Recovery
Bigmouse Gluttony 45 Mini-boss Earthquake
Medusa THEMAMA 46 Boss Poison, Terrify & Rage


Image Name Zone Level Notes
TWOM Sandbag Sandbag Woody-Weedy Village & Woody-Wordy Village 1 -
Mercenary Mercenary Wingfril Island Beach, Island with the Lighthouse, Sound of War Drum 30 -
Knight Knight Wingfril Island Beach, Island with the Lighthouse, Sound of War Drum 30 -
TWOM Mercenary Elite Mercenary Wingfril Island Beach, Lanos Plains, Lanos Palace, Sound of War Drum 50 -
TWOM Knight Elite Knight Wingfril Island Beach, Forest of Grave, Siras Castle, Sound of War Drum 50 -
TWOM Mercenary Skilled Mercenary Arid Grassland 50 -
TWOM Knight Imperial Knight Desert Valley 50 -
TWOMGuards Guard Lanos Palace, Siras Castle, Arid Grassland, Desert Valley 50 -
Master-Ramu Master Ramu Sound of War Drum 30 -
Master-Jod Master Ramu Sound of War Drum 30 -

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