Wingfril Island

Kooii Training Ground, Woody-Weedy Forest, Woody-Wordy Forest

Image Name Zone Level Notes
YoungKooii Young Kooii Kooii Training Ground 1 -
Kooii Kooii Woody-Weedy Forest,Woody-Wordy Forest 2 -
Bramble-Donguri Bramble Donguri Woody-Weedy Forest, Woody-Wordy Forest 3 -
Leaf-Boar Leaf Boar Woody-Weedy Forest, Woody-Wordy Forest 4 -
Angry-Leaf-Boar Angry Leaf Boar Woody-Weedy Forest, Woody-Wordy Forest 4 -
Bulldozer-Jr Bulldozer Jr. Woody-Weedy Forest, Woody-Wordy Forest 5 Mini-Boss
BULLDOZER BULLDOZER Woody-Weedy Forest, Woody-Wordy Forest 7 Boss
BULLDOZER'S-BROTHER BULLDOZER'S BROTHER Woody-Weedy Forest, Woody-Wordy Forest 8 Boss

Mushroom Marshland & Mushroom Spore Cave

Image Name Zone Level Notes
Swamp-Mushroom Swamp Mushroom Mushroom Marshland 5 -
Flower-Elemental Flower Elemental Mushroom Marshland 6 -
Swamp-Boar Swamp Boar Mushroom Marshland 7 -
Swamp-Spider Swamp Spider Mushroom Marshland 8 -
Poisonous-Spider Poisonous Spider Mushroom Marshland 9 -
White-Spider White Spider Mushroom Marshland 10 Mini-Boss
FUNGUS-KING FUNGUS KING Mushroom Marshland 12 Boss
Cave-Mushroom Cave Mushroom Mushroom Spore - -
Poisonous-Mushroom Poisonous Mushroom Mushroom Spore 8 -
Mushroom-Flower Mushroom Flower Mushroom Spore 9 -
Cave-Bat Cave Bat Mushroom Spore 9 -
White-Bat White Bat Mushroom Spore 10 Mini-Boss
Poison-Fungus-King POISON FUNGUS KING Mushroom Spore 12 Boss

Wingfril Island Beach

Wingfril Island Beach & Island with the Lighthouse

Image Name Zone Level Notes
Bottle Bottle Wingfril Island Beach, Island with the Lighthouse - -
Red-Crab Red Crab Wingfril Island Beach, Island with the Lighthouse 10 -
Sandman Sandman Wingfril Island Beach 11 -
Woopa Woopa Wingfril Island Beach, Island with the Lighthouse 12 -
Roopa Roopa Wingfril Island Beach, Island with the Lighthouse 13 -
Mutant-Woopa Mutant Woopa Wingfril Island Beach, Island with the Lighthouse 13 Mini-Boss
CHIEF-WOOPAROOPA CHIEF WOOPAROOPA Wingfril Island Beach, Island with the Lighthouse 14 Boss
TURTLE-Z TURTLE Z Wingfril Island Beach 18 Boss
TURTLE-ZZZ TURTLE ZZZ Island with the Lighthouse 33 Boss

Lighthouse Dungeon

Image Name Zone Level Notes
Testing-Woopa Testing Woopa Lighthouse Dungeon 1F 15 -
Marsh-Donguri Marsh Donguri Lighthouse Dungeon 1F 15 -
Recluse RECLUSE Lighthouse Dungeon 1F 15 Boss
Underground-Spider Underground Spider Lighthouse Dungeon 1F 16 -
Skeleton Skeleton Lighthouse Dungeon 1F, 2F 17 -
MADGAR MADGAR Lighthouse Dungeon 1F 17 Quest Monster
Black-Skeleton Gray Skeleton Lighthouse Dungeon 1F 18 Mini-Boss
Black-Skeleton SMALL SKELETON Lighthouse Dungeon 1F 18 Quest Monster
Black-Skeleton BLACKSKULL Lighthouse Dungeon 1F 23 Boss
Beholder Beholder Lighthouse Dungeon 2F 18 -
Drunk-Kooii Drunken Kooii Lighthouse Dungeon 2F 19 -
Ghost Ghost Lighthouse Dungeon 2F, 3F 20 -
Sleepy-Kooii Sleepy Kooii Lighthouse Dungeon 2F 20 Mini-Boss
WHITESKULL WHITESKULL Lighthouse Dungeon 2F 20 Boss
Awaken-Kooii AWAKEN KOOII Lighthouse Dungeon 2F 26 Boss
Tailsnake Lizard Snaketail Lizard Lighthouse Dungeon 3F 21 -
Snakezard DonBurns99 SNAKEZARD Lighthouse Dungeon 3F 21 Boss
Dark Beholder Dark Beholder Lighthouse Dungeon 3F, 4F 22 -
Spector Spector Lighthouse Dungeon 3F 22 Mini-Boss
IMP Imp Lighthouse Dungeon 3F, 4F 23 -
Red-Ghost EEHEEHEE Lighthouse Dungeon 3F 29 Boss
Green-Ghost OOHEEHEEK Lighthouse Dungeon 3F 29 Boss
Oohehe OOHEHE Lighthouse Dungeon 3F 29 Boss
Blood-Flower Bloody Flower Lighthouse Dungeon 4F, 5F 24 -
Blood-Mind Bloody Mind Lighthouse Dungeon 4F, 5F 25 -
PIMP Dan Dan Lighthouse Dungeon 4F 25 Mini-Boss
PIMP Ding Ding Lighthouse Dungeon 4F 25 Mini-Boss
PIMP Dong Dong Lighthouse Dungeon 4F 25 Mini-Boss
PIMP Dung Dung Lighthouse Dungeon 4F 25 Mini-Boss
Guardian-Imp GUARDIAN IMP Lighthouse Dungeon 4F 32 Boss
Mummy Mummy Lighthouse Dungeon 5F 26 -
Elite-Imp Elite Imp Lighthouse Dungeon 5F 27 -
Mummy-Fighter Mummy Fighter Lighthouse Dungeon 5F 28 Mini-Boss
Devilang DEVILANG Lighthouse Dungeon 5F 34 Boss

Pirate Ship

Image Name Zone Level Notes
Broom Broom Pirate Ship 1F 18 -
Sweeper Sweeper Pirate Ship 1F 18 Mini-Boss, Drops Hallway Key
Treasure Chest Treasure Chest Pirate Ship 1F, 2F 19 Drops Captain's Cabin Key
Sweeper Pirate Skeleton Pirate Ship 1F, 2F 19 -
Pirate-Ghost Pirate Ghost Pirate Ship 2F 20 -
Pirate-Boss BOATSWAIN BRANKA Storage Room 24 Boss

Inotia Continent


Lanos Plains

Image Name Zone Level Notes
Continent-Boar Continent Bulldozer Lanos Plains 12 -
Continent-Boar Blaster Lanos Plains 14 Mini-Boss
Crow Crow Lanos Plains 14 -
Crow Raven Lanos Plains 16 Mini-Boss
Redeyes Redeye Gosumi Lanos Plains 16 -
Redeyes Bloody Gosumi Lanos Plains 18 Mini-Boss
White-crow WHITE CROW Lanos Plains 19 Boss
TWOM Sheep Sheep Lanos Plains 0 -

Forest with Ruins

Image Name Zone Level Notes
Mutant-Gosumi Mutant Gosumi Forest with Ruins 20 -
Mutant-Gosumi Berserk Gosumi Forest with Ruins 22 Mini-Boss
Large-Spider Large Spider Forest with Ruins 22 -
Large-Spider Spidey Forest with Ruins 24 Mini-Boss
Big-Boar Big Boar Forest with Ruins 23 -
Big-Boar Wildboar Forest with Ruins 24 Mini-Boss
Ghostsnake GHOSTSNAKE Forest with Ruins 27 Boss

Arid Grassland

Image Name Zone Level Notes
Cactus-Bee Cactus Bee Arid Grassland 30 -
Arid-Donguri Sand Donguri Arid Grassland 32 -
Cactus-Bee Bizizi Arid Grassland 32 Mini-Boss
Doley Doley Arid Grassland 34 -
Cactus-Bee Buzss Arid Grassland 34 Mini-Boss
Desert-Ambush Desert Ambush Arid Grassland 36 -
Doley Stealth Arid Grassland 36 Mini-Boss
Desert-Ambush Desert Assassin Arid Grassland 38 Mini-Boss
BSSSZSSS BSSSZSSS Arid Grassland 40 Boss


Forest of Grave

Image Name Zone Level Notes
Fox Fox Forest of Grave 12 -
MatureFox Mature Fox Forest of Grave 14 -
Fox Red Fox Forest of Grave 15 Mini-Boss
MatureFox 7tailfox Forest of Grave 16 Mini-Boss
Sunset-Flower Sunset Flower Forest of Grave 16 -
Sunset-Flower Sunrise Flower Forest of Grave 18 Mini-Boss
777-Fox 777TAILFOX Forest of Grave 20 Boss

Kataru Mountains

Image Name Zone Level Notes
Magma Magma Kataru Mountains 20 -
Magma Burning Stone Kataru Mountains 22 Mini-Boss
Fire-Bird Fire Bird Kataru Mountains 22 -
Fire-Bird Bbinikjoe Kataru Mountains 24 Mini-Boss
MagmaThief Magma Thief Kataru Mountains 24 -
SeniorThief Magma Senior Thief Kataru Mountains 26 Mini-Boss
Magief CHIEF MAGIEF Kataru Mountains 28 Boss

Desert Valley

Image Name Zone Level Notes
Desert-Gosumi Desert Gosumi Desert Valley 30 -
Desert-Gosumi Sandgrave Desert Valley 32 Mini-Boss
Beholder Desert Beholder Desert Valley 32 -
Beholder Elder Beholder Desert Valley 34 Mini-Boss
Wild-Sandman Wild Sandman Desert Valley 34 -
3eyelizard 3eyelizard Desert Valley 36 -
3eyelizard Sususuk Desert Valley 36 Mini-Boss
3eyelizard Suuk Desert Valley 38 Mini-Boss
Doley SHAAACK Desert Valley 40 Boss

Hot Sand Plains

Image Name Zone Level Notes
Shadow Shadow Hot Sand Plains 38 -
Mindscream Mind Scream Hot Sand Plains 40 Mini-Boss
Mummy Wanderer Hot Sand Plains 40 -
Mummy Lesser Madman Hot Sand Plains 42 Mini-Boss
Sandeater Sandeater Hot Sand Plains 42 -
Bigmouse Bigmouse Hot Sand Plains 44 Mini-Boss
BIGMAMA BIGMAMA Hot Sand Plains 50 Boss

Sky Castle

Ancient Palace

Image Name Zone Level Notes
Sky-Bat Sky Bat Sky Castle 26 -
Silver-Bat Silver Bat Sky Castle 29 Mini-Boss
Ipot iPot Sky Castle 27 -
Puppet Puppet Sky Castle 35 Mini-Boss
Tornado Tornado Sky Castle 28 -
Dark-Tornado Dark Tornado Sky Castle 32 Mini-Boss

Western Sky Castle

Image Name Zone Level Notes
Goblin Goblin Sky Castle 28 -
Couatl Couatl Sky Castle 29 -
Kobold Kobold Sky Castle 30 -
Goblin-Warrior Goblin Warrior Sky Castle 32 Mini-Boss
Kobold Zealot Sky Castle 34 Mini-Boss
Gnome Gnome Sky Castle 36 Mini-Boss
Tyrant Tyrant Sky Castle 38 Mini-Boss

Eastern Sky Castle

Image Name Zone Level Notes
Orb Orb Sky Castle 28 -
Storm Storm Sky Castle 29 -
Bulette Bulette Sky Castle 30 -
Tank Tank Sky Castle 33 Mini-Boss
Maelstrom Maelstrom Sky Castle 35 Mini-Boss
Swirl-Flame Swirl Flame Sky Castle 35 Mini-Boss
Twister Twister Sky Castle 36 Mini-Boss
Twister Elemental Queen Sky Castle 38 Mini-Boss

Stone Fortress

Image Name Zone Level Notes
Solid Rock Solid Rock Sky Castle 34 -
Gargoyle Gargoyle Sky Castle 35 -
Golem Golem Sky Castle 36 -
Black Gargoyle Black Gargoyle Sky Castle 37 -
OminousBird Ominous Bird Sky Castle 35 Mini-Boss
Stonestatue Stonestatue Sky Castle 38 Mini-Boss

Unknown Maze

Image Name Zone Level Notes
Aroid Aroid Sky Castle 35 -
Iron Golem Iron Golem Sky Castle 36 -
Robot Robot Sky Castle 37 -
Humanoid Humanoid Sky Castle 38 -
Landmine Landmine Sky Castle 39 Mini-Boss
Titanium Golem DonBurns99 Titanium Golem Sky Castle 44 Mini-Boss
Steampunk Steampunk Sky Castle 44 Mini-Boss

Fallen Temple

Image Name Zone Level Notes
Darkness Darkness Sky Castle 42 -
Protector Protector Sky Castle 43 -
Guardian Guardian Sky Castle 44 -
Inspector Inspector Sky Castle 45 Mini-Boss
Fear-Of-The-Darkness Fear of the Darkness Sky Castle 45+ Mini-Boss
GateKeeper Gatekeeper Sky Castle 46 Mini-Boss

Temple of Wingfril

Image Name Zone Level Notes
Crystal Stone Crystal Stone Temple of Wingfril 20 -
Yeti Yeti Temple of Wingfril 20 -
Wing-Elemental Wing Elemental Temple of Wingfril 21 -
Crysta-Spider Crystal Spider Temple of Wingfril 23 -
Yeti-Highguard Guardian Yeti Temple of Wingfril 25 -
Pengoon Young Pengoon Temple of Wingfril 24 -
BLACKJUNO BLACKJUNO Temple of Wingfril 25 Boss
Crazy-Pengoon Crazy Pengoon Temple of Wingfril 26 -
Guardian-Yeti Yeti Highguard Temple of Wingfril 27 -
Enraged-Wings Enraged Wings Temple of Wingfril 28 -
Blacksky BLACKSKY Temple of Wingfril 30 Boss
WADANGKA WADANGKA THE ELDER Temple of Wingfril 35 Boss

Polluted Forest

Image Name Zone Level Notes
Enraged Tree Enraged Tree Polluted Forest 22 -
Smack Smack Polluted Forest 24 -
Man-eating Mushroom Man-eating Mushroom Polluted Forest 26 -
Mutated Bee Mutated Bee Polluted Forest 28 -
Smaaack Smaaack Polluted Forest 28 Mini Boss
Poison Root Flower Poison Root Flower Polluted Forest 28 Mini Boss
Contaminated Queen Bee Contaminated Queen Bee Polluted Forest 30 Mini Boss
Corrupted Forest Keeper
Corrupted Forest Keeper Polluted Forest 32 Boss

Marsh of Death

Image Name Zone Level Notes
Young Froggy Swarm Young Froggy Swarm Marsh of Death 34 -
Poisonous Man-eating Mushroom Poisonous Man-eating Mushroom Marsh of Death 37 -
Zombie Zombie Marsh of Death 38
Mutated Lobster Mutated Lobster Marsh of Death 40 -
Froggy Froggy Marsh of Death 38 Mini Boss
Rotten Pudding Rotten Pudding Marsh of Death 40 Mini Boss
Swamp Flower Monster Swamp Flower Monster Marsh of Death Mini Boss 40
Ukpana Ukpana Marsh of Death 50 Boss

Maze Forest

Image Name Zone Level Notes
Ancient Elf Crystal Ancient Elf Crystal Maze Forest Unknown Gives a Random Boost
Plague Zombie Plague Zombie Maze Forest 42 -
Egg Monster Egg Monster Maze Forest 43 -
Banshee Banshee Maze Forest 44 -
Masked Magician Masked Magician Maze Forest 45 -
Hellhound Hellhound Maze Forest 46 Mini Boss
Death Stalker Death Stalker Maze Forest 46 Mini Boss
Dark Golem Dark Golem Maze Forest 46 Mini Boss
Darlene the Witch Darlene the Witch Maze Forest 50 Boss

Syphnel Road

Image Name Level Notes
Snowball Snowball 28 -
Uru Uru 30 -

Islot's Lab

Image Name Level Notes
Snowball Snowball 28 -
Uru Uru 30 -
Sharkun Sharkun 31-32 -
Snoowy Icon Snoowy 34 Mini-Boss
Urpus Urpus 34-35 Mini-Boss
Mutated Sharkun Mutated Sharkun 34-35 Mini-Boss

Islot's Temple

Image Name Level Notes
Urun Urun 41 -
Strong Sharkun Strong Sharkun 43 -
Volta Shurun 45 -
Sharkurus Sharkurus 46 Mini-Boss
Urtus Urtus 46 Mini-Boss
Mutated Shurun Mutated Shurun 46 Mini-Boss
Sharkutus Sharkutus 46 Mini-Boss

Ancient Dungeon

Image Name Zone Level Notes
DEATHBONE DEATHBONE Ancient Dungeon for levels 8-14 18 Boatswain Branka with a Black Pirate Hat
Bremen BREMEN Ancient Dungeon for levels 15-24 24 Brown DEVILANG
Ancient Dungeon for levels 25 and up 40 Similar to BIGMAMA

Instant Dungeon

Ghost Ship

Image Name Level Rank Skill
Blood-Bat Blood Bat 21 - -
Treasure Chest Tough Mimic 21 - -
Violent-Crew Violent Crew 22 - -
Ghost White Ghost 23 - -
Weary-Crew Weary Crew 24 - -
Enraged-Wings Bomb Wing 25 Summoned Mob Explosion
Treasure Chest Jack in the Box 26 Mini-Boss Expel
Ghost-Witch Ghost Witch 27 Mini-Boss Silence & Summon

Forgotten Cave

Image Name Zone Level Notes
Ghostsnake Poison Lizard Forgotten Cave 25 -
Big-Eyed-Soul Big Eyed Soul Forgotten Cave 26 -
Elite-Imp Dark Imp Forgotten Cave 28 -
Poison-Mummy Poison Mummy Forgotten Cave 27 -
PIMP Magic Imp Forgotten Cave 29 -
Oohehe Evil Spirit Forgotten Cave 30 Mini-Boss
Walking-Dead Walking Dead Forgotten Cave 32 Mini-Boss
Bremen MUTANTHYDRA Forgotten Cave 32 Boss

Silent Altar

Image  Name Level Rank Skill
Altar-Cleaner Altar Cleaner ? - -
Ghost Silent Ghost ? - -
Golem Rock Golem ? - -
Fluid-Form Fluid Form ? - -
Fear-Of-The-Darkness Morphling ? Mini-Boss CP Drain
Iron Golem Mystery ? Mini-Boss Armor

Impassable Cave

Image  Name Level Rank Skill
Cave-Spider Cave Spider  ? - -
Guardian-Yeti Hairy  ? - -
Yeti Cave Keeper  ? - -
Enraged-Wings Light Wing  ? - -
BLACKJUNO DARKJUNO 38 Mini-boss Frenzy
Blacksky GRAYSKY 39 Mini-boss Bleed

Desert Dungeon

Image  Name Level Rank Skill
Shadow Silhouette 41 - -
Sandeater Underground Eater 42 - -
Mummy(needs replacement) Bandageman 42 - -
Reason Scream Reason Scream 44 Mini-boss Recovery
Bigmouse Gluttony 45 Mini-boss Earthquake
Medusa THEMAMA 46 Boss Poison, Terrify & Rage


Image Name Zone Level Notes
TWOM Sandbag Sandbag Woody-Weedy Village & Woody-Wordy Village 1 -
Mercenary Mercenary Wingfril Island Beach, Island with the Lighthouse, Sound of War Drum 30 -
Knight Knight Wingfril Island Beach, Island with the Lighthouse, Sound of War Drum 30 -
TWOM Mercenary Elite Mercenary Wingfril Island Beach, Lanos Plains, Lanos Palace, Sound of War Drum 50 -
TWOM Knight Elite Knight Wingfril Island Beach, Forest of Grave, Siras Castle, Sound of War Drum 50 -
TWOM Mercenary Skilled Mercenary Arid Grassland 50 -
TWOM Knight Imperial Knight Desert Valley 50 -
TWOMGuards Guard Lanos Palace, Siras Castle, Arid Grassland, Desert Valley 50 -
Master-Ramu Master Ramu Sound of War Drum 30 -
Master-Jod Master Ramu Sound of War Drum 30 -

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