• Currently the highest possible intelligence stat.
  • Picture of a Mystic Wand in-game.
  • +7 Mystic Wand with +8 mana and +6 Intelligence worth about 1.25m

Mytix Wand

Mystic Wand
A wand with mystical powers...

Level Required: 27
Class Required: Magician-ClassMagician
Damage: 5 to 30
Speed: 4.2
Mana: 0 to 13
Intelligence: 0 to 9
Sell Price at Black Trader:
INT 4: 200K-300K GoldGold
+7 INT 4: 400K-500K GoldGold
INT 5: 500K-600K GoldGold
+7 INT 5: 900K to 1MGoldGold
INT 6: 650K-700K GoldGold
+7 INT 6: 900K to 1.4M GoldGold
INT 7: 850K to 1M GoldGold
+7 INT 7: 1.5M-2M GoldGold
Requires 40 Gemstone Gemstones to repair.
Extract Cores: ThirdCore3rd Core (12)

How to Obtain:
Dropped by:
Mummy-FighterMummy Fighter
Walking-DeadWalking Dead
Crafted using Combine-BookCombine Book II with Shaman-StaffSmooth Staff, ThirdCore3rd Core (60) and GoldGold (750).

Related Items:
Shaman-StaffPractice Staff
Shaman-StaffSmooth Staff
Shaman-StaffShaman's Wand

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