Reader-HalThese quests do not include Red-TearSeruang's Tear Quest.

Brazier's QuestEdit

Bring the BrazierBrazier  Frost-OreFrost Iron Ore (4).

You have a 33% chance of making one Iron-BarFrost Iron Bar. Hold a Refining-ToolFrost Iron Refining Tool in your inventory to raise the percent of getting a Iron-BarFrost Iron Bar up to 52%.


Iron-BarFrost Iron Bar

Smid's QuestEdit

NPC SmidSmid:

Give SmidSmid Iron-BarFrost Iron Bar (5) Ancient-BloodAncient Blood (5) and a Red-TearSeruang's Tear to receive a Platinum-RapierPlatinum Rapier.


Platinum-RapierPlatinum Rapier

Wood's QuestsEdit

NPC WoodWood:

Give WoodWood Ancient-FeatherAncient Feather (3) Heavy-LeatherAncient Leather (10) and Red-TearSeruang's Tear to make Wings-WingWing's Wing.

Give WoodWood Flower-StemAncient Wood (1) Small-CoralAncient Crystal (1) and Red-TearSeruang's Tear to make Ancient-WandAncient Wand.


Wings-WingWing's Wing

Ancient-WandAncient Wand

Goud's QuestsEdit

NPC GoudGoud

Give GoudGoud Design-BlackSkull-ArmorDesign: Snow-Flower Stem Hat (1) Flower-StemSnow-Flower Stem (7) and Spider-SilkCrystal Spider Silk (20) to make a Snow-Flower-Stem-HatSnow-Flower Stem Hat.

Give GoudGoud Design-BlackSkull-ArmorDesign: Spirit's Hat (1) Spirit-DustSpirit Dust (20) and Spider-SilkCrystal Spider Silk (20) to make a Hat-of-SpiritHat of Spirit.

Give GoudGoud Spider-SilkCrystal Spider Silk (60) and Red-TearSeruang's Tear to make a Crystal-RobeCrystal Robe.

Speak to GoudGoud to get an Enchanted-FeatherEnchanted Feather to talk to SeruangSeruang.


Snow-Flower-Stem-HatSnow-Flower Stem Hat

Hat-of-SpiritHat of Spirit

Crystal-RobeCrystal Robe

Enchanted-FeatherEnchanted Feather