Leaf-BoarWoody-Weedy Forest: (1900,2800)
Leaf-BoarWoody-Wordy Forest: (2340,2530)

Secret Vendor: No

Faction: Neutral

Attackable by other Faction: No

Wild Runner Quest:
(cannot be completed)

Sparkling Berry Quest:
Trade a Sparkling berrySparkling Berry for MinormanapotionMinor Mana Potion.

Fief Mushroom Quest:
Trade one (1) Gano-LucidumGanoderma Lucidum for Greater-Restoration-PotionGreater Restoration Potion.

Pafris' Search for Legendary Herb Quest:
Trade one (1) Mandragora-HerbMandragora Herb for StimulantMango Water (no longer available).

Bring Pafris Pafris a Woody-Shortbow Woody Shortbow for a Quest-Paper Hunter's Certification.

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