This quest is no longer active ingame. The only current possible way to obtain Mango Water is through Event Giftboxes.

In this quest you are asked to find the Mandragora-HerbLegendary Herb(Mandragora).

Where to start: find PafrisPafris who is standing next to a tree and a post sign at the bottom of Leaf-BoarWoody-Weedy Forest or Angry-Leaf-BoarWoody-Wordy Forest. (Exact Coordinates are 1934,2802). He will explain that he has been hearing about a herb called Mandragora-HerbMandragora and it's somewhere inside the Poisonous-MushroomMushroom Spore cave (3408,1161) located in the Swamp-MushroomMushroom Marshland. The herb screams when being pulled killing the person so he gives you EarplugsEarplugs to pull it (You cannot pull out the herb without earplugs). The Mandragora-HerbMandragora is located at the end of the Poisonous-MushroomMushroom Spore so be careful as in the area it is located, the herb is surrounded by Mushroom-FlowerMushroom Flower(s) which can do a lot of damage when all attack you at once if you are a somewhat low level. When you pull the herb walk back to PafrisPafris and he will give you StimulantMango Water. You can only hold one EarplugsEarplug at a time so you can only get mango waters one at a time. EarplugsEarplugs are soulbound and cannot be worn.

Items Needed: EarplugsEarplugs and Mandragora-HerbMandragora Herb



Mango Water
A potion with the fragrance and tastes of a mango.


How to Obtain:
Trade PafrisPafris, Mandragora-HerbMandragora Herb (1) (Pafris' Search for Legendary Herb)

Increase critical by 4 for 20 minutes

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Orange-PotionNutrition Beverage

Cool time 60 seconds

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