Pet Coin
A coin that happens to be made out of a pet...Kinda scary if you think about it.

Etc. Items
Sell Price at Black Trader: 100k-130k Gold Gold

How to Obtain:
Obtained by selling your pet to a vendor (You will obtain 1 PetCoinPet Coin for a normal pet and 3 PetCoinPet Coins for a rare pet).

Use Combine-BookCombine Book I to craft CloakWillCloak of Will
Trade IrisIris a Biz-NecklaceBiz Necklace and a PetCoinPet Coin for a final stage Biz-NecklaceBiz Necklace
Use Combine-BookCombine Book I to combine 10 PetCoinPet Coins and 10 Pirate-Coin-NewPirate Coins to make a Hair-dyeGender Changer

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