Use Combine-BookCombine Book I to craft the following enchants that can enhance your pet!:

How to enchant a PetEdit

  • Talk to DingoNPCDingo to open the Pet Enchantment System UI.
    • Select a pet you want to enchant. The pet must not be summoned.
    • Select the stone you would like to use (Stone-LifeStone of Life,StoneOfDeathStone of Death, StoneofMysteryStone of Mystery)
      • Each stone can be used once
    • Confirm your stone selection choice
    • Your pet will be enchanted

Stone of LifeEdit

Increases the HP by 1 for each enchant. Maximum amount of HP on a pet is 45HP. Refreshed when a new pet is released.

Stone of DeathEdit

Increases the Deadly Strike by 0.1 for each enchant. Maximum amount of Deadly Strike on a pet is 6.5 Deadly Strike. Refreshed when a new pet is released.

Stone of MysteryEdit

Increases one stat out of DEX/STR/INT/HP/MP by 1~2 (10~20 hp/mp) for the first enchant with a fixed chance.

Enchanting again: Changes the properties randomly or enchants the acquired stats later. Maximum enchants are available from +3/+30 when successful.

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