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Pirate Coin
Pirates use these to trade for goods between each other.

Etc. Items
Sell Price to Secret Vendors: 5 GoldGold
Sell Price at Black Trader:
100-200 GoldGold per coin
1.5K-4K GoldGold per stack

How to Obtain:
By opening any:
Halloween-GiftEvent Boxes
Gift-BoxGift Box
Ancient-BoxOld Box
Ancient-BoxAncient Treasure
Dropped by:
Red-CrabRed Crab
SweeperPirate Skeleton
Pirate-GhostPirate Ghost
Treasure ChestTreasure Chest

Trade with Rafril-RadinRatas or Rafril-RadinRafril with Pirate-Coin-NewPirate Coin (10) to obtain 300 EXP and 800 or 1,000 GoldGold. Must be at least level 11. EXP will be reduced each level after 15.
Trade Hungry-BoxHungry Box with Pirate-Coin-NewPirate Coin (7) to obtain CardPirate Card 10, J, Q, K, or Black-BeeswaxBlack Beeswax.
Used to make Skeleton-KeySky Castle Key - combine using Combine-BookCombine Book II, Pirate-Coin-NewPirate Coin (5), ScrollRecall Scroll (5), and 100GoldGold.

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